Look At: “Hellraiser What is the Difference Between the Reboot and the Original?

Which one best captures Clive Barker’s Cenobite Horror?

When the film was released in 1987, Horror director Clive Barker was appointed director’s seat to translate his book The Hellbound HeartHellraiser was quickly one of the more famous horror films of the 80s that led to a successful line of movies and comic books, and merchandise. After 35 years and nine uninteresting sequels, Hellraiser will be getting an update on Hulu with David Bruckner (The Ritual, The Night House) as the director of the Hellraiser franchise.

However, Hellraiser reboot is a good choice, as the Hellraiser reboot will attempt to stand alone, but comparisons to the original film are bound to happen. Therefore, since Hellraiser has been made available to Hulu, It’s time to debate which version best captures the Horror from the film. Hellbound Heart and the Cenobites.

Which one of the ‘Hellraisers’ is closer concerning the Novel?

If we look at the Novel’s adaptation by itself, The original Hellraiser has been far over the remake. This is because The new film doesn’t attempt to replicate the story of The Hellbound Heart. It’s a different story. David S. GoyerBen Collins, and Luke Piotrowski create a new account that re-uses the significant elements of The original Hellraiser.

There is still an antagonist, Roland Voight ( Goran Visnjic), who seeks the Cenobites to find new pleasures which aren’t on Earth. The visual style of the Cenobites, as well as the puzzle box as well as The Labyrinth dimension all reflect the vision of the creator, Charles Barker. But, the similarities to that of Hellbound Heartstop there.

Barker produced the first Hellraiser film through his book’s transformation into a script based on the same story. The sequel, however, attempts to take a different path. Anyone looking for an authentic adaptation of the Novel may be disappointed. But, by introducing a unique story, the Hellraiser on Hulu Hellraiserensures can give horror fans something fresh.

The reboot is not aiming to rewrite what’s been played before but instead pushes the series forward in a different direction. This is also why Hellraiser on Hulu Hellraiser expands The Barker’s mythology by adding the brand-new lament Configuration puzzles, reimagining rules that connect Cenobites to human desire. Cenobites to human desires, casting a brand new character to portray the role of Hell Priest(ess).

What’s the Latest Pinhead?

Although the first Hellraiser features an uncomplicated horror tale, the film became the stuff of nightmares for us all due to the slick design of the Cenobites and the jaw-dropping acting that starred Doug Bradley as the Hell Priest, the antagonist most commonly referred to as Pinhead. Although Pinhead was never intended to be a more significant threat in comparison to other Cenobites, however, the character became popular enough it was the Hell Priest became the symbol of the Hellraiser franchise and was brought back in all of the sequels, and even having his spinoff book written created by Barker, The Scarlet Gospels.

The character’s quality in the Pinhead can determine the success or failure of the success of any Hellraiser film. Thankfully, Jamie Clayton does not disappoint in the standard set by Bradley. The Hell Priestess portrayed by Clayton is frightening with the same deadly attitude Bradley created to set Pinhead apart from other horror economies.

Final note: While the two variations of Hellraiser could be accused of putting fashion over the film’s substance, this choice performed better in 1987 when Barker’s original horror universe was fresh. The new version is stunning, and Bruckner’s steady directing perfectly fits their vision of Barker. There’s little more to draw our attention than lovely monsters and flawless gore.

It’s been 35 years since the original, which isn’t enough to make the reboot beat the original since we finish the credits and feel like we’ve seen everything before. This is the primary reason that the film of Barker Hellraiser remains one of the most critical Cenobite films. But it is worth an opportunity to watch, particularly for those who have suffered for so long through subpar sequels.

Hellraiser is now available this moment on Hulu. The trailer for the film is below:

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