Look At: How to Watch Every ‘The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror Episode

Two brand new Treehouse of Horror episodes? This is undoubtedly a terrifying universe.

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror Episode: Bring your family and friends to your sofa in your living room. This is the most beautiful season of the year. We don’t mean Halloween and “spooky season” but the launch of the next episode of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. This annual television event is widely sought-after by the show’s loyal multi-generational fan base and has been a constant feature of the show for the last 33 seasons.

The writers have for years played on horror with their signature humour, poking fun at short tales and some of the most popular films of the year at the expense of America’s most beloved cartoon family that suffers more violence in their annual releases of horror. With the 34th season of this series’ scary episodes, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is doing something the show hasn’t done before this year, stepping up the stakes in a manner that the fans of the show will enjoy.

What Makes 2022’s Treehouse of Horror Different?

Keep your Hat on. Hold on to your Hat, my dear. In this year’s episode, The Simpsons franchise will make its viewer’s worst nightmares come true by releasing a bonus Treehouse of Horror episode. Alongside the standard horror anthology, The entire second season will dedicate its 30-minute running time to a single film parody. The format will no longer be a constraint. Minisode of six minutes This change allows the creators to explore the world of a fictional character with its own compelling, terrifying story.

What Will 2022’s Treehouse of Horror Episodes be About?

A lot of what the anthology show will about remain unknown, but the executive producer Matt Selman let those in attendance at his session during San Diego Comic-Con know that Caroline Omine has written a short story influenced by that of The Death Note anime series. Selman said that in the segment, The Simpsons would be a “full anime”, and a distinct studio would run it. Furthermore, Selman has declared that they will break a policy they’ve never been able to die in the series. In the shadow of secrecy, viewers are expected to wait and find out what’s coming up in the anthology episode.

In the extra, single movie-themed episode that will be a treat for the fans of Krusty, the Clown will receive a wonderful surprise. The beloved burn-out character will appear in the parody of Stephen King’s In the episode “Not It” title, with Krusty performing a mock-character role. Pennywise is a dancing Clown. Pennywise, meet Krusty. Krusty Meet Pennywise. We’re no longer strangers anymore.

When Will The New Episodes Be Released?

Lou, I’m sorry, but you should cancel the prom! The dates of release for these two episodes have been confirmed! “Not Then” will premiere on October 23, and “Treehouse of HorrorXXXIII” will air at the end of October (aka Halloween Eve). Although every second we go without new episodes is a pain, viewers will have enough time to watch the past thirty-three Treehouse of Horror episodes before the scary Simpsons launch, which will run around 14 hours.

Where Can You Watch the New Treehouse of Horror Episodes?

Well, not on Candy Apple Island. According to legend, Treehouse of Horror episodes will be aired on Fox in The Simpsons’ regular slot each Sunday, at 8/7c. Suppose you’re hoping to watch the gruesome episodes outside of regular telecast timeslots. In that case, there’s a chance to watch these Treehouse stories daily after airing on the online Hulu streaming service.

Where Can You Watch Past Treehouse of Horror Episodes?

Seasons 1 to 33 are available through Disney+, though you’ll need to find every episode separately in each season or the carefully well-curated The Simpsons “Horror” collection. We’ve created this simple-to-read list to make your search a little more straightforward. Each Episode of Treehouse of Horror is a tribute to famous and less well-known horror movies, series or short stories, which makes it an Easter egg hunt for lovers of the horror genre.

Season 2 Episode 3 was released in 1990; it was titled just Treehouse of Horror, this first of the horror-themed shows was a parody of Poltergeist, The Amityville Horror as well as Twilight’s “To Serve Man” and Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”. Meet the alien twins Kang and Kodos Johnson, the characters that appear for the first time in the minisode in which the chilling cookbook is discovered.

Season 3, Episode 6 is a homage to a different horror short story. The Simpsons pay homage to W.W. Jacobs’s ” The Monkey’s Paw” when Maggie is granted her wish. “The Twilight Zone‘s “It’s a Good Life” gives Bart unimaginable power over his town, and Homer gives his brain to Homer to the classic horror film “Frankenstein”.

Season 4, Episode 5 “You defeated Zombie Flanders!” This episode from 1992 pokes fun at the iconic Horror movie Night of the Living Dead and presents an attack inspired by the film that was released at the time, Child’s Play.

Season 5 Episode 5 – Conan O’Brien added to the writers’ roster in the 4th edition of Treehouse of Horror; the anthology parodies another horror collection, the 1970s Night Gallery, in addition to depicting a horrifying image of Dr Burns in the cartoons in their take on the hugely famous Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Season 6 Episode 6 – No television and no beer makes Homer agitated! Stephen King’s The Shining gets a cartoon adaptation in the fifth Treehouse episode, which goes into a dystopia by homing to the 1973 crime thriller Soylent Green as the children eating in the school’s food court get short of food.

Season 7 Episode 6 – following John Swartzwelder‘s original “Attack of the 50-foot Eyesores”, The Simpsons encounter themselves in the middle of a Nightmare on Elm Street. I’m referring to Evergreen Terrace, where the groundskeeper, Willie, decides to take revenge.

Season 8, Episode 1: What an excellent way to begin the season! Treehouse of Horror is political in a scene called “Citizen Kang”, A play on the film classic, but this episode was inspired by nothing else than the 2016 U.S. president’s election.

Season 9 Episode 5 opens by introducing “The HOmega Man”, Season 9’s Treehouse episode references two classic horror films, including the 1958 science movie The Fly and Marge receives a witchy transformation as part of “Easy Bake Coven”.

Season 10 Episode 4 Season 10, Episode 4 10 the writer David X. Cohen delighted viewers by presenting his show “Starship Poopers” and Stephen Spielberg‘s anthology series Amazing Stories is updated with a new look for “Hell toupee.”

Season 11 Episode 4 Season 11, Episode 4 Nosey neighbour Flanders is aware of what you did this summer during the episode that aired the months before the “disaster”, which is still known today as Y2K.

Season 12 Episode 1 Season 12, Episode 1 The classic horror tales intended to induce children to adopt good behaviour, referred to in Grimms’ fairy tales, are brought back to Life during Season 12, Episode 1. Treehouse adaptation is a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock‘s The Birds.

Season 13 Episode 1, Season 13 made references to some of the most famous stars in entertainment media of the past, such as Sex and the City and Harry Potter. But don’t worry, they’re mentioned in various segments. In addition, the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey is paired with the bizarre tale of Demon Seed in the short film dubbed “House of Whacks”.

Season 14 Episode 1, Three fresh writers will be directing the fourteenth season’s Treehouse stories and adding their references to the science fiction book The Island of Doctor Moreau and the science fiction film of 1996 Multiplicity.

Season 15 Episode 1 – Long-time Simpsons creator John Swartzwelder returns to write the three minisodes that comprise Season 15, which will begin with a short entitled “Reaper Madness” and replace the original Twilight Zone references.

Season 16 Episode 1 Season 16, Episode 1 Bill Odenkirk, the younger brother of Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk, wrote the entire of the 16th season’s tales. From Hell From Hell From Hell to Dead Zone, Odenkirk uses several horror mysteries, science-fiction, and other favourites.

Season 17 Episode 4″Eat my machine-programmed, human-mimicking” shorts of simulation. Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence gets a Certified reboot as well. “Survival of the Deadliest” is a film that pushes Homer to the limits of his physical capabilities in a nod to the short story of 1924 “, The Most Dangerous Game.”

Season 18 Episode 4 Season 18, Episode 4 Homer is the crux of the joke in an episode influenced by the series of 1958’s The Blob, which is later followed by a reimagining of the Jewish tale, The Golem, and the earth-shattering show The War of the Worlds that was a huge success and took U.S. farmers to the ground when the audience was unaware that it was a fictional show and not a true-life newscast.

Season 19 Episode 5 Season 19, Episode 5 Science science fiction fan favourite, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and action-romance movie Mr and Mrs Smith gets a cartoon transformation for The 2007 Treehouse of Horror episode, that concludes with The PG-13 subtitle “Heck House”, Ned Flanders’ fantastic alternative to haunted homes.

Season 20 Episode 4 – You can’t make a show about Halloween without referencing the timeless and loved Peanuts special, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Although Milhouse is petty, Milhouse will be in for more than the night of broken childhood fantasies.

Season 21, Episode 4 The Office writer Daniel Chun is the director of Season 21’s Treehouse episode, giving burnt-out bartender Moe an unorthodox view of business with a Sweeney Todd-inspired short. In addition, two zombie films are on screen in “Don’t You Have A Cow Mankind” The film takes inspiration from the movie 28 Days later and I Am Legend.

Season 22 Episode 4 – A Twilight-themed Treehouse episode is featuring Lisa as the bewitched lady was essential, and combined with a Jumanji reference, you cannot miss a beat. However, things go wrong for Marge and Homer, who want to spend their honeymoon at sea, and go wrong.

Season 23 Episode 3 Season 23, Episode 3 Flanders takes on new levels of scary with “Dial D For Diddly”, A short that is a Dexter-inspired video. It is a film that takes on the epic science-fiction film Avataris was also mentioned, as was the Diving Bell and the Butterfly; however, Homer’s rambling communications aren’t as exuberant as those of the inspirational Jean-Dominique Baby.

Season 24 Episode 2 – Something strange happens during “Un-Normal Activity” The Paranormal Activity-inspired minisode is set in Bart, and his father-son story in the Bill and Ted is a Back to the Future short.

Season 25 Episode 2 2013’s Treehouse episode has an opening sequence directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Said to be the terrifying episode of the season, EpisodeXXIV takes inspiration from The Cat in the Hat, a 1972 sci-fi blaxploitation of comedy The Thing with Two Heads, and Tod Browning’s 1932 carnival-themed show film Freaks.

Season 26 Episode 4 Season 26, Episode 4 Bart might have hit it off with his mate with the help of “School is hell”. Inspired by the 2001 film The Others, the family is haunted by bizarre alternative versions of themselves. The writer Stephanie Gillis brings the family to a mind-bending version of A Clockwork Orange.

Season 27 Episode 4 – an original series episode, “Halloween of Horror”, is the story of the Simpson family enjoying Halloween apart from the horror stories that are told in the treehouse. It follows Lisa, who is humiliated following her traumatizing experience at the Krustyland’s Halloween Horror Night when she and Homer receive visits from unwanted guests at the house. At the same time, Marge promises to go with Bart to the mall for trick-or-treating in a luxurious neighbourhood.

Season 27 Episode 5 – the first episode, “Wanted: Dead, The Alive”, Sideshow Bob finally finds Bart, and Homer takes off to new levels as a Godzilla-inspired film.

Season 28 Episode 4 Season 28, Episode 4 Mad Max meets The Hunger Games in Joel Cohen’s short film “Dry The Hard Way,” and Moe dives into the world of the 007 with “Moefinger.”

Season 29 Episode 4 Season 29, Episode 4 The Tim Burton stop-motion film Coraline is the subject of “Coralisa,” Maggie gets captured during “The Exor-Sis,” and Homer can bring the Stephen King short story to Life.

Season 30 Episode 4 A psychological thriller Splitinspires a Lisa minisode is starring Lisa. Comedy writers run over the 1959 horror classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers as Grandpa is the victim when the terms senior and Jurassic get confused.

Season 31 Episode 4 Episode 666, the latest episode on Treehouse of Horrorpays tribute to the 1976 horror classic the film The Omen. A minisode of “Danger Things” is a parody of the Netflix original show Stranger Things, and the episode ends with a slick mash-up with When Harry Met Sally and The Shape of Water.

Season 31 Episode 8 – the special Thanksgiving episode cleverly named “Thanksgiving of Horror” There’s an intelligent take on Apocalypto with a Thanksgiving-themed coating within “A-Gobble-Ypto,” a Black Mirror parody “The Fourth Thursday After Tomorrow” and a cranberry sauce gets wild as a parody takes on The Year 2017’s Life In “The The Last Thanksgiving.”

Season 32 Episode 4 – In the wake of the launch of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, “Into the Homerverse” was created. Toy Story gets a scary little while Be A Russian Doll joins kind Rewind to close out the episode.

Season 33 Episode 3 – includes the characters from Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite The Ring, The Ring from 2002, The Ring, and the interest in social media by the world’s leading site Tik Tok.

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