Look At: New ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Footage Reveals Allison Argent and a January Release Date

Many full moons later, Teen Wolf: The Movie has finally been granted an official launch date. Paramount+ has announced the long-awaited movie will be released on its streaming platform on the 26th of January, 2023. The movie is the continuation of the popular supernatural show, which ended in the year 2017 following the epic six-season run. The series follows the tale of an unassuming teenage Scott McCall ( Tyler Posey), as he makes the transition into a werewolf when the time he gets bitten just prior to starting an academic year in his second.

After five years, the series came to an end in a ceremony five years ago; the Beacon Hills group is getting together to make a new instalment of the Teen Wolf saga. The details of the fantasy epic have been hidden, but there’s plenty of excitement to be had with an excerpt from the film to delve into. The teaser released on the eve of New York Comic-Con hints a timing jump took place from the point where the finale of the series concluded until the beginning on the screen.

In the video, Derek Hale ( Tyler Hoechlin) is shown taking his child (yes, his son) Eli Hale ( Vince Mattis) off the field for Lacrosse as he enters the Beacon Hills locker room. In a dramatic deviation from Derek’s usual style of brooding, he gives Eli words of comfort following an uneasy game. But, the pleasantries last only a few minutes when the two are interrupted by a fluttering bow — which is about to pass by Eli’s head. In an incredibly shocking incident, Allison Argent ( Crystal Reed) is seen walking out with her bow and bow.

The scene is particularly shocking because Allison was tragically killed in Scott’s arms in the show. In a violent face, Allison sets her sights on Derek and is shocked to see her standing right in his face. If it doesn’t seem more shocking, she shoots an arrow at his throat, cutting some of his flesh while Derek falls to the floor. This is one way to get the fans fired up in anticipation of the film’s debut!

If the teaser was not enough, the streaming giant has also hinted that Derek isn’t the only character who has undergone changes in their life. Scott has ceased to be a teen, but he is an alpha with an unexpected threat threatening his life, prompting Scott to contact his old school pack for assistance. The press release for the film promises: “…Only a werewolf like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager but being an Alpha, is able to make new friends and bring together old friends to fight against the most powerful and deadly threat they’ve faced.”

The viewers can also expect to witness mystical characters, including banshees and were-coyotes to hellhounds and kitsunes, make appearances on Beacon Hills. It is anticipated to be a nostalgic treat for those who love The show. Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Colton Haynes, and Dylan Sprayberry are among the stars of the original series, set to return. The writer of the show, Jeff Davis, will also join the team as an executive producer and writer.

However, in an unsettling blow for the long-time fans of the show, Dylan O’Brien, who is Scott’s best friend and his right-hand man, isn’t one of the cast members who are expected to be re-cast. However, the actor has declared his support for the film in an interview on Variety in which he said that he’d “watch it on the first night it is released.”

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