Look At: NYCC: “Wednesday’ Trailer Released Christina Ricci and Fred Armisen Parts in Netflix Series

The most recent trailer debuted at the panel discussion on Saturday. The trailer features Armisen playing Uncle Fester while Ricci plays Nevermore Professor Miss Thornhill.

A new trailer for Netflix’s new Addams Family show Wednesday was unveiled at the panel for the show’s Saturday session at New York Comic Con, featuring the first glimpses of Christina Ricci and Fred Armisen’s roles.

In the show’s nearly three-minute premiere, the creepy high school experience set to happen on Wednesday is described, and Ricci’s Uncle Fester and Armisen’s Nevermore Professor Miss Thornhill are both teased.

In the panel discussion, Armisen appeared as a surprise guest and confirmed that he did indeed shave his head in preparation for the role. “I cut my hair because it was like a job when I first discovered it; I thought “Oh, I have to be Fester. I was excited to be able to play it, but I also wanted to be sure that I did it correctly and did not have a bald cap or something. Therefore, I shaved my head and felt proud to have done it.”

“And tonight, I’m planning to repeat the feat,” Armisen joked.

In a clip exclusive to the show included in the panel discussion, Wednesday and Fester meet after the character of Armisen flew in to visit her Addams Family teen and check in on her progress. Fester admits that he did similar things to the father of her character, Gomez, and then tells Wednesday what he’s learned: “He filled me in about what’s been happening. “More monsters, murder, and mayhem — what is it that’s so much fun.”

In the panel, the stars Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzman, and Gwendoline Christie, along with Showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, revealed the character arcs as well as how they changed to play the roles thanks to the makeup, hair and costume teams, as well in the way in which the show will honor past seasons and stand out as something that viewers aren’t seeing yet.

“It’s its real-world reality,” Ortega promised, “and it’s unique and quite bizarre.”

“When people are faced with the reflective element occur or have seen a previous version of this family, they’ve got expectations that go with it. I’m hoping that they realize the amount of care and respect put into this and how much I’d want to defend this character and the entire family,” she told the audience. “It’s distinct. It’s not something you’ve seen before. It’s a unique world.”

“I believe that people will be capable of running with it and become lost in that and appreciate it as the unique project that it is,” She added.

“I think the thing that is remarkable is the fact that there’s none of this expectation, but because Tim is so open and collaborative, and I had no idea that someone would declare what you think and what you want to do -It’s an incredible opportunity,” Christie at another moment. “Everybody was so open and friendly, and we all are a part of The Addams Family and the opportunity to make something.”

The panelists were satisfied with reviews of working with Burton and Millar, saying it was an excellent collaboration. “He was extremely considerate of the scripts too, and the process starts at the beginning of the story,” showrunners on the Tuesday co-schedule explained. “We’ve never seen better notes or had fewer notes from the director.”

Millar stated that they designed the series to be watched like an 8-hour Tim Burton movie but promised that the show would straddle something that expands upon the existing universe and be distinct.

“It’s vital that the show resembles its the Addams Family — the next version of that, yet it’s paying tribute to the past but continuing to create something unique and fresh,” Millar said.

Whether the story is approached in a film or TV isn’t as significant for Armisen. “Because the set and the set design is so stunning and the costumes and all the actors are great, I don’t think about whether it’s episodic or a film,” Armisen stated. “I prefer to take part present in the scene and create the scene.”

When asked how the show will explore its elements of young adults, Ortega told the panel, “I think having gone through the teenage years myself, it was extremely instructive. Any teenager could relate to the desire to build an identity that isn’t based on your family or being out in an unfamiliar world and self-sufficient.”

“A majority of the time in these stories, it’s about a shy girl who finds herself in the situation and then grows,” Gough shared how Wednesday’s story is different from other stories with female characters. “The most appealing aspect of this show is that Wednesday knows the person she’s. She sees the world through black and white. And her arc is visible. It’s tiny, but it’s present and still powerful.”

The duo explained that the young adult aspect and their earlier relationship in Smallville and Smallville could be why Millar and Gough’s plan for a Wednesday show began to get off the ground. “People have approached us before, but were denied, and for us, it was similar to it was like that the influence from Smallville was helpful in the sense that it helped in discovering the character from the story which no one else has.”

“Smallville was our debut show; this will be the next show,” Gough added.

What can fans anticipate from her time at the school? Ortega said that the status of an “outcast in a sea of other outcasts” will be a challenge for Wednesday, an unquestionably good student who is now in the shadows of her parents.

“Wednesday, who has been confident and confident in herself and has never asked a question or been placed in an environment such as Nevermore in which Morticia and Gomez rule,” she explained, “it’s extremely annoying or offensive to be in the shadow of this kind of thing, or do not have an identity that is not your self.”

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