Look At: Season 6 Episode 6 Recap and Ending of Rick and Morty, explained

‘ Rick and Morty’ Season 6 of ‘Rick and Morty‘ continues to surprise viewers with new and unexpected situations with the latest episode. Juricksic Mor’s episode promises a return to the tried-and-tested formula of previous seasons. The episode will see Rick facing the appearance of intelligent dinosaurs on Earth, who are now the new rulers of planet earth. But Rick is irked by their kindness and attempts to eliminate the dinosaurs. If you’re wondering whether Rick is successful in his quest and how he achieves his goals, then we’ve got your back! This is all you must be aware of the conclusion of “Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 6. Be prepared for spoilers!

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

The episode, titled “Juricksic Mort starts by having Rick taking Morty on his way to class. Morty’s comment on how they’ve drifted through the dimension this season. But Rick takes Morty’s comments as a touch of sarcasm and assures the teen that he will solve his portal gun. In the school, Morty’s teacher and students are frightened by the appearance of a spaceship from another planet on Earth.

These aliens have brainy creatures which resemble prehistoric dinosaurs and visit Earth peacefully. When they discover that their dinosaurs have been extinct from the Earth to be replaced by human beings, they believe that humans are unfit to manage the planet. This is why the dinosaurs, who usually favour helping other societies, assume the responsibility of governing the planet.

In the meantime, humans can retire and spend their leisure time. They’re free to create other Marvel movies and live their lives in peace. The dinosaurs address and solve global issues like food insecurity and economic crises. They end capitalism and bring an ecological equilibrium to the world. But Rick and the Smith family begin to feel unimportant and turn into Jerries.

On the contrary, Jerry writes a book which is a manifesto for dinosaurs, yet Jerry is not credited for his efforts. The President of the USA meets Rick and confesses that he’s bored of the peace that comes from the dinosaurs. In the end, Rick demands Rick eliminate the dinosaurs. Rick is willing to accept as a condition for hosting an Oscars ceremony. The President reluctantly accepts, and Rick accepts the responsibility.

Rick informs the world that dinosaurs are a magnet for a massive blasting meteor, their ultimate enemy, on every planet they visit. So, the planets they claim to help flourish are doomed by dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are shamed and appear on numerous news programs to clarify. They were unaware of this fact until Rick discovered the issue. Thus, dinosaurs are forced off the Earth, while humans are forced to return to their regular tasks.

Rick as well as Morty Season 6, Episode 6: Ending Does Rick stop the Meteor? Where do the Dinosaurs go?

After the dinosaurs depart Earth, Rick hosts the Oscars. However, he resigns from the ceremony when he discovers aliens have hidden on Mars and plans to sacrifice themselves for the Meteor. Rick realizes that dinosaurs are trying to sacrifice themselves to save Earth. In the end, they’ll take selfless action and gain respect in the eyes of humans. But Rick anticipates their plan comes to a stop. He tries to convince the dinosaurs to give up their plans. But they don’t want to, and Rick is also part of the sacrifice to avoid the creatures becoming the sole “virtuous” ones.

Rick’s addition reduces their impact as well as their sacrifice. A dinosaur refuses to accept this and thus smashes the Meteor. This game is proof that the dinosaurs weren’t, in fact, benevolent but taking advantage of the “Godly” position they earned because of their generosity. But, when Rick comes up against their scheme by destroying their plan, they repay their favour by repairing the gap in the multiverse, which Rick was trying to avoid fixing. But Rick is enraged at them for repairing the rift and says it could have made the perfect three-episode storyline for the show to go over.

In the end, Rick sees through the dinosaurs and their cloak and skillfully dispels the aliens from the Earth. Then, he repairs the portal gun and tells Morty they’ll soon be off on old-fashioned adventures. Portability-hopping has returned, and viewers can anticipate seeing this technology in the coming episodes. In the scene after credits in the post-credits scene, dinosaurs are stranded on an alien planet and become bored.

Since they’re retired, they are forced to spend their time skating. In all, the episode employs dinosaurs to show that selfishness and selflessness are two aspects of one coin. When Rick recognizes this fact, the dinosaurs assist him in accepting the idea. Rick is determined to solve the multiverse and that portal gun.

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