Look At: The Zone Survival Mission Episode 8 Review: The Final Catastrophe

The Zone Survival Mission is a brand-new variety show to make you laugh. However, that’s not all it can do. Cho Hyojin and Kim Dongjin direct the show, starring the Running Man series Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Jae-suk, and Kwon Yuri.

Zone Survival Mission Zone Survival Missiontakes the participants to various zones, each with the help of a specific stimulus that initiates problems for the entire group. All they need to do is endure for four hours in the virtual disaster space.

The synopsis for the show by Disney+Hotstar is as follows:


This review contains spoilers for Zone Survival Mission Episode 8

The Zone Survival Missionepisode 8 is the final episode of season 8 and the most dangerous disaster ever occurring to humanity. Lee Kwang Soo Yoo Jaesuk and Kwon Yuri are set to battle some professional fighters in this war-like environment they are currently in.

Target Zone Target Zone brings together six professional shooters from various backgrounds, including special forces, sports and more. They are preparing themselves to defeat the three players and the other players in this zone. In paintball-themed gear, The nine players step into the area one by one to locate their bases and then prepare to fight each other.

In a separate entrance, Jae-suk gazes at the area while Kwang-suk is secluded close to the door, and Yuri is looking around for boxes of items. After all, participants enter the zone. AI U, aka Yoo Hee-yeol, is the first to enter playing the piano; he is in the middle of the war zone, and she is enjoying a good time with Jae-suk.

The group soon gathers, and the remaining six players continue to play without making any alliances. But the moment Julien Kang shoots Yuri out of the game and breaks the partnership, it is over, and the two players remain in the game.

Jae-suk is the winner today, attacking some top players, while Kwang-soo follows from behind. But, it’s revealed at the end of the day that he had always used Jae-suk as his primary target, leading to Kwang-soo becoming the player knocked down by his goalie.

In the end, after beating all the pros, The human race wins, with Jae-suk and Yuri in a derogatory manner towards Kang-soo in the final. As the mission ends, AI U gifts the members with Z coins made of gold. They hope that they will see us again soon.

Summing Up: The Zone Survival Mission Episode 8

The final episode of the season is The Zone Survival Mission, and we must affirm that this show is worth watching. The last episode brings the viewers back to the world’s most deadly catastrophes; the characters all discuss No War because it is hard to survive in this particular zone.

The final zone is now available for all to see. The show has ended, and will not be returning until it is back with more zones and simulations.

Watch The Zone Survival Mission on Disney+Hotstar.

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