Look At: TV big hai aur rahega–: Arjun Bijlani TV actor slams Bigg Boss 16 contestant Manya Singh’s comment on demeaning television actors

Bigg Boss 16 Sukarvaar Ka Vaar saw a brutal fight between the contestants Manya Singh and Sreejita De. The battle was a stalemate. Manya made a statement in which she stated to Sreejita, “I was the ambassador of the country , and what are you? A TV actress.” The statement hasn’t been appreciated by TV actor Arjun Bijlani. Bijlani has firmly condemned the statement of Manya and has been adamant about her.

Despite not considering Manya Singh’s name, Arjun Bijlani made a post on Twitter and wrote, “I’m fed up with people who make comments such as Yeh toh tv actress hai or Yeh Toh Tv actor hai. And the most hilarious is that they are using television as a platform and transmit such remarks. Do not appear on TV when you’re dealing with this kind of issue. TV large hai to aur .” Many fans agreed with Arjun Bijlani’s comments and praised the actor for standing up against contestants who mock TV stars during Bigg Boss.

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