Look At: What is the story behind how you feel about Ms. Marvel Bringing The Marvels Together for MCU Sequel?

Star Iman Vellani reveals her thoughts on how Ms. Marvel brings The Marvels together to create The MCU sequel, hinting that she’ll become “the adhesive” in keeping the team united.

A few months after she made their debut on the MCU franchise and starred in the show, Iman Vellani has spoken out about her role in Ms. Marvel will bring Them Marvels together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel.

Vellani has previously made her MCU debut in her role on the Disney+ show Ms. Marvel in the role of Kamala Khan, the superhero-obsessed Pakistani-American teen who acquires supernatural powers due to the possession of the mystical bangle, which has connections to her family’s history. Ms. Marvel was with Kamala as she tried to figure out how to be a hero in their Jersey City community while studying the roots of the bangle as well as the mysterious Clandestines, which are magical creatures from an alternate dimension that are seeking to return to their home.

Look At: What is the story behind how you feel about Ms. Marvel Bringing The Marvels Together for MCU Sequel?

The Ms. Marvel finale was interesting in that it saw Kamala being transported from her room to an unknown location and Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel switching places with her and expressing confusion about the circumstances. The plot is set to be the basis for the Marvels, which is a sequel to Larson’s Captain Marvel movie, which will also feature returning Teyonah Parris Monica Rambeau, who played her character in WandaVision, which was in which she gained cosmic abilities after a trip through The Hex. The plot of the MCU film is not yet known. However, one actor is hinting at what the characters will do with each other.

In an interview in recent times in Entertainment Weekly, Iman Vellani shared some insights into what’s going to be expected in the future of the Marvels. In response to questions about the dynamic of the group, The Ms. Marvel actor shared her character’s role in helping to bring them together to make the MCU sequel and to keep them together. Check out what Vellani said below:

I’m sure she has some expectations about what the teamwork will be like, like from comics and all the stories she has heard concerning the Avengers. It’s not the way she imagined it going to be. So, Kamala’s the glue that holds the team together and keeps the team together.

Marvel Will Be Important in Making sure that The Marvels Stay Together.

Villani’s announcement of the idea that Ms. Marvel will be essential in keeping the team close comes on the heels of the premiere of The Marvelsfootage screening at the D23 Expo, which teased comedy that the trio of characters shares, in a similar vein as the three web slingers from Spider-Man The Last Stand: There’s No Way Home.

The footage also provided the first explanation for the way Carol and Kamala swapped places, with Kamala finding herself in space and being rescued at the hands of Nick Fury while Monica, working on the S.W.O.R.D. satellite, was taken to an alien world and was attacked. In the context that Kamala is most well-known for her love for superheroes, particularly Captain Marvel, it’s understandable that she’d want to serve as the glue to keep them Marvels together in the film.

While the younger version of the character, who was a fan of Captain Marvel, the MCU superhero, WandaVisioncuriously saw Monica Rambeau holding a dislike for Captain Marvel and which she hinted could be explored further within the film The Marvels. With Vellani now saying she believes Ms. Marvel will be important to keep the team together, it is likely that the new Captain Marvel will need to be an intermediary between her fellow characters and get them closer to fighting the mysterious villain. It will be interesting to see the date the film Marvelshits opens in theaters on July 28th, 2023.

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