Look: FBI Season 5 Episode 3 ” Prodigal Son” Recap & Review

Episode 3 in FBI Season 5 starts with the robbery of a gun shop. The robbery concludes with the owner’s son (Teddy) getting killed. The robbers get several guns before fleeing the scene. The FBI team investigates the video and locates information about the license plate number of the vehicle that was used in the robbery. It was discovered that the criminals took a number plate from an automobile, and the owner was unaware that the car lacked an identification number plate.

OA and Nina ensure the security camera video of the person who stole the license plate. They are shocked to discover that the culprit (Clayton) is an unidentified young man who attends his school the same way as Jubal’s child (Tyler). OA and Nina attend school, but the suspect isn’t at school, so they visit his house.

In his house, Clayton has locked himself in his room, refusing to give up. OA attempts to convince Clayton to let him go, but unfortunately, Clayton commits suicide with the gun they took. They search his home for stolen guns, but the home is neat and tidy.

With Clayton dead and his gun confiscated, the FBI must find his companion and recover the firearms. The FBI’s anxiety grows when they discover drawings in the room of Clayton, suggesting that they could have been plotting an attack on a school that was massive.

Tiffany and Schola meet with the parents, giving them a clue about a boy named Simon. Simon confesses to Schola and Tiffany that he was involved in an argument with Clayton several months ago. In the past, Clayton told him that “it would be pretty cool to open fire at the college.” Simon was worried and decided to break off connections with him and told Clayton’s parents of his idea, but they begged not to reveal the information to anyone else. Then, Simon gives them a list of his new friends Clayton was hanging out with following their fight.

They look through the list, trying to identify Clayton’s accomplice. Jubal is shocked to learn that his son’s name appears on the list, and he heads back home to talk with Tyler. He asks Tyler about the incident at the gun shop, but Tyler doesn’t even know about it. He is irritated that his dad wants Clayton to “snitch” on Clayton and is hesitant to tell Jubal more. He claims he spends time with Clayton at least once, and sometimes they play games on the internet. Jubal insists that he stay away from the other boys on the list.

Jubal remains suspicious, so he asks the ex-wife (Samantha) whether she can confirm Tyler’s story. She is shocked to discover that Tyler is connected to the suspects. Samantha informs him that Tyler has been through an awful time, and she is furious because Jubal has ignored her concerns every time she discusses her concerns with Jubal. Jubal is an excellent officer, but he’s failing at being a father. He missed his son’s birthday as his work was the main priority.

The FBI conducts a thorough investigation into the activities on social media of the suspects who are on the list. They narrowed it down to a suspect identified as Zachary. They go to his house, and his parents are shocked to discover their son’s involvement in an investigation involving firearms and murder. They let the FBI investigate the house. OA locates a couple of guns in Zachary’s bedroom. Three guns are missing, and they suspect Zachary may have them.

Zachary remains in the wind, and at this point, they’ve been unable to locate his location. The school is evacuated, and Jubal meets with the school’s counsellor. She says that Tyler, as well as Zachary are best friends. Jubal goes home, and Tyler cannot believe Zachary is an incriminator. Zachary has been keeping Tyler from bullies, but Tyler believes that he is not capable of murder.

The FBI uncovers a possible tip regarding where Zachary might be hiding, but they don’t find Zachary. They investigated the last phone call he made to the home’s landline and found he was called Tyler. Jubal returns to the house and inquires of Tyler about what he discussed with Zachary. Tyler does not want to help Jubal because he regards Zachary as someone who has always been there for him, not his dad.

Jubal is shocked to hear Tyler accusing him of being a liar. Tyler says he’s had a lot to deal with at school. He is the newest kid recovering from cancer, and it’s been a struggle for him in the classroom. Jubal attempts to make Tyler feel better. Tyler is finally willing to assist Jubal and provides him with some clues.

Tyler’s lead, Tyler, assists them in determining Zachary is heading to a different gun shop to take ammunition from the stolen automated rifle. When they arrive, they find Zachary has killed the employee at the shop and has stolen ammunition. Zachary calls Tyler to tell him he’s been shot and then sneaks out of the home to meet Tyler. Jubal realizes that he has to focus more on his son. He vows to improve and be more of a father. However, first, they must locate him before the problems worsen.

They track Tyler’s mobile, and they find him headed to Zachary, who, upon being able to see Jubal, can take Tyler hostage inside a bookstore. They require a plan to save the hostages. Jubal does not want to wait for SWAT and enters the store. Jubal can rescue the hostages, and Zachary is detained.

Episode Review Episode Review

This is the longest hours Jubal had spent spending time with his child. And it was due to an incident. Jubal must prioritize his family before it becomes too late. It is important to work, but the same goes for family. Jubal’s tendency to work too much isn’t healthy. I hope he can improve his relationship with his child and notice Samantha’s concerns about their son more.

It’s awe-inspiring how quickly these children could acquire guns and then plan an enormous gun assault. When guns are used in the wrong way, they can cause damage. Students aged 17 planned to kill their peers in school and almost carried out their plans. The thing that makes this even more terrifying is just a few months ago; it was the case for many students in the Uvalde school shooting. Uvalde School shooting.

While this may be a show on TV but we must not forget the reality that gun violence is an actual issue in many regions of the world.

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