Look WhatsApp is down I WhatsApp services are restored after a major outage

WhatsApp services have been restored and should be available for use soon. WhatsApp Web and Android apps are now available. Some users have reported that WhatsApp Web services need to be fixed for them, but the app should still be available.

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app that Meta owns and is used for quick texting, experienced a major outage today. The app was down for nearly two hours. Millions of WhatsApp users worldwide could not send and receive messages due to this outage.

The outage also affected WhatsApp Web, the app web client that many people use on their laptops and desktops. However, services for the web client are now back up. Anyone trying to access the client during the outage was presented with the following error.

This was WhatsApp’s first significant disruption since the more extensive meta outage on October 5. It took down WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook all at once, affecting millions of people over several hours.

Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, acknowledged the problem and issued a statement today stating it was working to fix it. A Meta spokesperson said that they are aware of the problem and were working to restore WhatsApp as soon as possible. Although we are unsure of the cause, Meta and WhatsApp will provide further information.

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