Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Review

Episode 7 in Rings of Power starts with Galadriel and her companions being able to survive a pyroclastic flow. How? Do not ask questions; consume the product. That’s the way! A blazing horse speeds through the fields, Galadriel discovers Theo completely fine while many of the village’s structures remain functional. With all the survivors, they take the direction of regaining their lives.

The crazy Harfoots bring in the Stranger to solve their world’s problems. If a tree falls upon Nori, it’s a blessing that she’s not injured because, as we all know, the Harfoots tend to leave their injuries to their wounded. In any case, The Stranger’s magic appears to be working when the trees start to sprout masses of food they savour.

But the Harfoots aren’t the only ones to be watched. They’re under the watch of that mysterious trio we met last week. They go off in silence. However, Nori takes the initiative to stop them. It’s not a good idea, and the leader starts the camp on fire and destroys everything, including food. In the end, the group decides to go with Nori. However, Sardoc believes this is a mistake.

Elrond requests permission to access Elrond asks for access to Mithril mines from King Durin III, who offers the city grain, game and timber from the old forest for five hundred years. It’s an extremely long time, and when Elrond falls to the ground, he appeals to The King of dwarfs to help him in his quest.

Disa isn’t happy and thinks they should reopen the mines on their own and determine the safest method to mine MithrilMithril. When Durin places a bit of MithrilMithril across a table, it is placed on top of the affected leaf and heals it.

Elrond and Prince Durin start mining MithrilMithril with each other and have a great conversation between the two. In my opinion, these two and Disa are the most memorable scenes of the story. When King Durin can see his son working in the mines, the two are in a very fiery discussion. The scene ends with that leaf mentioned earlier floating through the depths of the mines, which the mighty Balrog spots.

In the Southlands, Galadriel decides that they must gather at the home of the living away from the place the area where the volcano struck. In the following sequence, we look at Elendil and the other characters. We can see how many people from the Southlands and Numenorians are in perfect condition and have not even burned through the forest.

When Theo and Galadriel are walking together, Galadriel believes she is convinced that both her mom along with Arondir is dead. “What is not known bogs the mind. Don’t fill it by guesswork.” Galadriel spent most of the first episode trying to figure out the location of Sauron and guiding an expedition around the globe on speculation and guesswork. We can also add hypocrisy in the order of bad traits this woman has!

Ultimately, they get to the Southlands, where Galadriel informs them that Celeborn, her husband, has passed away. He said goodbye to her, and he left for battle… but wait up, what happened to the leader for the Northern armies head off to the same war? We have seen her collecting helmets in an old-fashioned Jenga game, so we know she was in one of the conflicts. Why didn’t she spend time searching for her husband rather than Sauron?

Another repurposed scene follows the second time it’s in Fellowship featuring Theo and Galadriel trying to escape from an orc instead of the Ringwraith. They run Adar along with his orcs as they move closer.

However, they get back to find Arondir and Bronwyn and Bronwyn, who is completely good. Galadriel can approach Miriel, who’s blind. The ships await them, and Miriel declares that Numenor will return. When they return, they’ll be waiting.

Bronwyn has also left. She’s headed towards an older Numenorean colony near the entrance to the Anduin. The locals call it Pelargir, and there is reportedly fresh water and land there. Galadriel is headed toward the King, and Halbrand is on his way to the High King. Halbrand is wounded but is otherwise good.

In the Southlands, Adar decides to change the name of the Southlands to Mordor.

The Episode Review

How could Galadriel and the rest of them get through a pyroclastic storm this week? Did it happen as a dream? Elvish magic? It was… poor writing. The explanation isn’t even given. It’s among the most frustrating aspects of this show, and it’s shocking how awful the script is.

The screenplay is terrible in light of the amount of money put into this project. And to make matters worse, there’s no consequence for any actions.

The visuals are great. However, specific costumes and sets look terrible. We’ve seen the show cut and paste in extras rather than hiring more. The battle scenes and choreography leave much to be desired.

Rings of Power is one of the most disappointing shows this year, and it’s challenging to comprehend the amount of money invested in this production. If there’s a bright spot, it’s the fact that there’s only one remaining episode from the next week!

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