Mehandi Designs for the Perfect Indian Bridal Mehndi, Everything You Need to Know

Mehandi Designs, the art of applying henna on your hands to adorn them for your wedding, has been a part of pre-wedding rituals in most cultures for centuries. With time we have seen Mehendi go from something done once or twice in one’s life to being worn as regularly as a manicure! Whether you are looking to keep things traditional or add your personal touch to them, we have listed some fantastic Mehendi designs and ideas for you.

Mehandi Designs

Mehandi designs are made on the body (hand or palm arms, palms, etc.) with a paste made of the dried leaves that are powdered from the plant known as henna. Mehandi designs are an extremely fascinating and well-known form of body art that is popular among women from the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Africa, and the Middle East.

The traditional Indian Mehandi designs are stunning representations of the sun’s rays on the palm. This is intended to symbolize feet and hands. Mehandi has excellent relevance in performing classical dance like Bharatnatyam, during marriage ceremonies, for various devotional purposes, festivals, etc.

Types of Mehandi designs

Indian Mehandi design is extended and trimmed too. The details in Indian Mehandi designs are exact, and every aspect of the Indian Mehandi design has a significant significance. Mehandi designs are extremely well-loved during festive occasions and particularly at weddings.

Arabic Mehandi design is most commonly recognized for its gorgeous design of leafy and flowery trails that begins from the index finger until the wrist and extends beyond the wrist. Like all other traditional Mehandi designs, The Arabic Mehandi designs usually include flowers, paisleys, leaves and flowers that follow the trail.

Western Mehandi style is regarded as an exotic work that evokes respect and a warm appreciation of Mehandi designs in people from the west. It is believed that the Desi Mehandi styles have brought about the invention of Henna tattoos that are popular in the west. Many young women across the globe are drawn to the Henna designs of Mehandi. They are Western Mehandi designs distinctly from traditional designs for Mehandi since the designs for western Mehandi have Geometric Shapes, Quirky Designs, and more.

This design represents a blend of east and west. Indo western Mehandi design are a fantastic fusion of Mehandi designs and are loved and adored by people worldwide.

Moroccan mehndi designs are influenced by design inspiration from tribal patterns and symbols. Moroccan Mehandi design appear like tribal tattoo art due to their zigzag lines designs, curvatures that are geometric and unique mehndi designs. Diamond shapes are the most prominent characteristics of Moroccan mehndi designs.

Also, there are many more native Mehandi design in native places of India, such as Rajasthani Mehandi design, Punjabi mehndi designs, Gujrati Mehandi design, etc.

The story of Mehandi

Mehandi is an art form in which henna is applied to the feet and hands. It is an ancient custom in the Asian Subcontinents. Mehandi was popularized through the Mughals and then introduced to India during the early 12th century. The Mehandi ceremony has always been an integral element of Indian weddings. Although it’sit’s not established where Mehandi came from it is thought that it came from Egypt because of the intricate designs. Mehandi is a term which is derived from Mendhika, which is the Sanskrit term mendhika.

Mehandi is a type of body painting that has been a popular form of body art for over 5,000 years. Bridal Mehandi has become a significant event in India because the paste of henna is applied to the Brideside’s feet and hands with nerve endings. The application of Mehandi is believed to ease the bride from any anxiety. The method of applying Mehandi has changed from how it was done in the past. People are beginning to realize some of the most skilled professional Mehandi artists worldwide.

Mehandi Design Photo

Mehandi Design – FAQs

1. What is Mehandi design?

Mehandi design is an original type of body art which originated in ancient times in India. In mehndi designs, intricate designs are made on the body (hand or palm arms, hands, etc.) with a paste created from dry leaves powdered by the Henna plant.

2. What is traditional Indian Mehandi design?

Indian Mehandi patterns are enlarged and reduced too. The detail of the Indian Mehandi style is precise, and every aspect that is part of an Indian Mehandi design is a symbol of great significance.

3. Where did Mehandi originate?

It is thought that Mehandi was first developed in Egypt.

4. Who came up with Mehndi?

It is thought that the Mughals created Mehandi.

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