Modi Ji truly empowered the minorities: BJP Minority Morcha National General Secretary Dr. Sufi M K Chisti

BJP leader Dr. Sufi M K Chisti said today at a press conference in Jammu that BJP leaders are contributing 75 hours to the public outreach programme to interact with the masses. He said that PM Narindera Modi’s led government has benefitted every needy person with a plethora of public welfare schemes.

Talking to reporters here today, along with other leaders, he highlighted the eight-year achievements of the Modi government. He said that this entire exercise is a part of the programme, namely “Seva Sushaansan Garib Kalyaan” on the completion of eight years of successful development and progress made by the government.

He stressed that only the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Union Government has worked for the upliftment of Muslims and other communities, proving its true secular credentials. He blamed Congress and other parties for playing with the sentiments of minorities and deliberately keeping them underprivileged for their own petty political gains. He added that only Modi Ji has truly empowered the minorities by ensuring their education and amenities.

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