MultiVersus The Game Teases New Characters with a Spooky Trailer

MultiVersus ‘ developers Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have been in the lead-up to the release of the brawler’s free-to-play new character. Notably, a number of social media posts, culminating in a video of a few seconds in the day (or later in the night, depending on how you view it), indicate that the previously-announced Stripe will join the video game’s roster of players sometime next week.

This season has been played; MultiVersus have released Morty, Gizmo, and Rick. However, just as the game’s first season was beginning, the game’s creator announced the introduction to the game Black Adam and Stripe in the current season. Both have not been announced at this point; however, Black Adam seems unlikely, given the video teaser’s nature. While it does not go directly out and announce that Stripe will be the next game for MultiVersus, it is about the Gremlins franchise and the consequences for Gizmo and his crew when they’re fed at midnight. Check out the teaser embedded below:

As previously mentioned, the new MultiVersus character — whoever it is -Is likely to launch this week. The consensus is that MultiVersus can be played for play in Open Beta on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, with Season 1 already fully underway. The game is a brawler for free platforms focused on team battles between two players that features the full cross-play feature and the ability to roll back net codes from servers.

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