Naagin 6 Prathna’s wedding is canceled

Naagin 6, Prathna’s wedding is being canceled.

Naagin 6. The Colors show, produced by Balaji Telefilms, is a thrilling drama that saw Jeet (Manit Joura) being attacked by a wild boar. Afterward, the actor took his last breath. Rudra (Pratik Sehajpal) has also been bitten by the boar and sustained injuries.

In the next track, we will have Prathna (Tejasswi Prakash) vowing to bring revenge for the death of her professor’s father. As we all know, before passing away, Jeet had revealed his real identity as an individual responsible for saving the Earth several times. Jeet was satisfied with her father’s work. Jeet also showed Rudra in his temple the attackers and their new task. Jeet also caught her real daughter Anmol before passing away.

Prathna, who is grieving the loss of her father, is devastated by the grief. But she will be shook more strongly when the person picked by her father, Manav, stops their wedding.

The wedding ceremony of Manav and Prathna is set to be canceled.

What should Prathna do next?

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