New American Pie Movie In Development At Universal

Universal announced the development of a new American Pie movie by Sujata Day, an actor and filmmaker.

The development of a new American Pie movie has begun. In 1999, the first American Pie film was released. It featured four high school students, played by Jason Biggs and Thomas Ian Nicholas. The film saw them make a deal to get their virginity back by prom night. The film was directed by Paul Weitz and written by Adam Herz. It is a hilarious portrayal of teenagers coming of age. Alyson Hannigan and Jennifer Coolidge were also part of this hilarious comedy.

The film spawned three sequels in just a decade – American Pie 2, American Wedding and. A fifth movie was announced in 2012 but is reportedly still in development. Five straight-to-video spinoffs were also created from the franchise, including American Pie Presents Band Camp in 2005 and American Pie Presented Girls’ Rules in 2020. Despite poor reception from the STV spinoffs, American Pie produced a legacy that included teen comedy gems like Accepted and Van Wilder in 2002. Fans are eager to hear about American Pie 5, which has been developing for a decade.

Universal has made a surprise announcement. In an exciting news update for the franchise, the Hollywood Reporter reveals that a new American Pie film has been developing. It is based on an original pitch by Sujata. Day starred in Unsecure and wrote, directed, and acted in the 2020 movie Definition Please. I will develop and write the next installment in the comedy franchise. Day’s entry into the long-running franchise was described as a “fresh take,” meaning it will likely be a departure from the core group and tell a new story in the American Pieuniverse.

What to Expect from the New American Pie

What to Expect from the New American Pie

After the long wait for American Pie 5, it’s exciting to see that Universal has officially confirmed a return of the franchise with a new story. Although it is not clear if Day’s American Pie movie will be directed at teens or adults as American Wedding and American Reunion did, respectively, it’s probable that Day’s film will retain the franchise’s irreverence, wit, and humor. Day’s track record and past projects suggest that the new American Pie will feature rich intersectionality. This is in keeping with Definition Please’‘s well-respected explorations of mental illness and race. Day’s American Pie film is a creative interpretation of the source material. This will likely surprise viewers who are used to the franchise’s many sequels.

Although the American Pie Presentsspinoffs was not widely successful, the franchise’s story of teens and adults coming out of their sexuality and losing innocence and youth has huge comedic potential. The new American Pie film, which Day is attached, is a positive direction for a franchise many, including Scott, have said is not aging well. Fans will be able to find out more about Day’s venture into American Pie. However, there may also be news about American Pie 5, which is still in development and was created by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.

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