NH-44 Closed in several places between Udhampur to Banihal No chance of Traffic Movement on National Highway today

NH-44 Closed-Schools are also closed in the Ramban district.” All Schools across Ramban District, including Hr. Secondary Schools, shall remain closed today given heavy rainfall and overflowing of Dallas/ mudslides at several locations”.DC Ramban Said.

NH-44 Closed
NH-44 Closed in several places between Udhampur to Banihal No chance of Traffic Movement on National Highway today

Several Links roads also closed in Ramban.”The general public of Ramban is advised not to venture out unnecessarily near river Chenab and other Dallas as there may be an increase in water level. The public is also advised not to plan travel on NH as it is blocked at many places due to landslides” Ramban Police tweeted

Given the present situation For any assistance of district police in this inclement weather condition district police, Ramban also shares emergency helpline no with media for circulating on social media.

Helpline Number:-

Help Line Number

Stranded passengers arriving at Community Hall, Ramban, given a suspension of traffic due to heavy rains & shooting stones at Panthyal. Civil and Police Administration making efforts to facilitate amidst heavy downpour breakfast also provided to passengers.

Following places where shooting stone and mudslide between Udhampur to Banhial area

(1) Shooting stones at Dewal bridge:-(Udhampur)
(2) Shooting stones at Samroli(Udhampur)
(3) Shooting stone at Dingi pully, Dharamthal(Udhampur)
(4) Shooting stone near Sarika mandir(Nashri)
(5) Shooting stone at Dalwas(Ramban)
(6) Shooting stones at Peerha bridge(Ramban)
(7) kunfar nallah Mudslide/ Shooting stone
(8) Duggi pulli boulder/Shooting stone(Ramban)
(9) kundi Nallah:-Shooting stones
(10) Mehad Ramban:- Huge MudSlide/Shooting stones
(11) Cafeteria (Ramban) Huge Mudslide/Shooting stones
(12) Shanpalace(Ramban):- slush
(13) Trishul Morh(Ramban):-Shooting stones
(14) Seri(Ramban) :-Mud slide/Shooting stones
(15) Chamba Seri:- Shooting stones
(16) T2(Ramban):- Mudslide
(17) Sita Ram Passi, Maroge,(Ramban):-Mudslide/shooting stones
(18) Battery chashma(Ramban):-Huge mudslide/Shooting stones
(19) Anokhi fall(Ramban) :-Shooting stones
(20) Digdole (Ramban) :-Shooting stones
(21) Gujjar Morh (Ramban):-Shooting stones
(22) khooni Nalla (Ramban):-Shooting stones
(23) Panthyal steel tunnel:- Continuous Boulder/Shooting stones
(24) T 5:-big boulder/shooting stone
(25) Mom Passi(Ramsoo):- Mud/shooting stones
(26) Gangroo(Banihal) :-Shooting stones
(27) Hingni(Banihal) Slush/shooting stones
(28) Wagon (Banihal):-Shooting stones
(29) Slaad(Banihal) :-Shooting stones/Slush on Road
(30) Sher bibi:-Shooting stones
(31) Chamalwas:- Shooting stones
(32) Rampari (Banihal):-Shooting stones
(33) Rattanbass(Banihal) :-Shooting stones
Rahginalla(Doda) :-Mudslide/ Shooting stone.
Raining Heavily. Restoration work could not start at many locations.

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