On the Eve of Prakash Purab, SHO Kriti Sharma along with BJP leader Sahil Mahajan organize Langer sewa at Shahidi Chowk, Jammu

JAMMU 15/06/22: Today under the chairmanship of Sahil Mahajan BJP Sanskrit Cell and SHO Kriti Sharma a Langar was organized by Swaran Singh on the occasion of Prakash Purab at Shahidi Chowk, Jammu.

This special community lunch, called Guru ka langar was organized and served to anyone who wishes to join the festivities.

The Langar and sweet water Shabeel was distributed by the guest of honour SHO Kriti Sharma among passerby public/pedestrians & to & fro transport convoy across the area.

SHO Kriti Sharma talked about the importance of the day and why water, food and other things are given to the needy.

She further added that it’s an important work that we should perform every year and added that she feels blessed to be part of this distribution and this gave the message of brotherhood and love and worked for equality in the society.

BJP leader Sahil Mahajan also eulogized such occasions as an epitome of communal harmony and brotherhood.

He said that these sacred events strengthen this cordial bond as the celebrations bring the communities closer to each other and thank SHO Kriti Sharma for her presence and other members who were present and made this happen.

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