Oops! General Hospital Just Revealed More Than it might have been able to reveal the identity of the killer

Strange as it might sound, We’re thrilled that Dex has been elevated to the top of the list of suspects.

General Hospital had us concerned for a long time; what was it with how it kept accumulating instances to prove that Dex has become The Hook? Evan Hofer is the rare soap rookie who can make a splash because he does not have “it.” We’re Sorry, Cameron — his relationship with Eden McCoy (Josslyn) is top-of-the-line. We were hesitant to believe this show could put Michael’s right-hand guy and Sonny’s secret agent into a trap that he would not be capable of escaping.

We’re not too concerned with it anymore. Like, at all. In the episode of September 26, we revealed Mac is transporting Dex towards the local police station and finding out that he’d been at the site of two murder attempts, and one that was successful that we exhaled with relief. Why? Because we’re supposed to believe in what Mac does -in that Dex might be the culprit. The show would like us to believe it. There’s no way it could be true. It’s Murder Mystery 101!

Oops! General Hospital Just Revealed More Than it might have been able to reveal the identity of the killer
Credit: ABC

So Whodunitis Whodunit?

Of course, If Dex does not qualify as The Hook, the question remains: Who is? However, as small of a frame as The Hook is, many larger, more muscular characters are not considered. Ryan is one example. Elizabeth might be able to fit into The Hook’s Baby Gap raincoat, but she was in the hospital at the time The Hook was following Diane.

If Nelle isn’t in the grave as most people (except those who watch) believe that she is, she’d be a perfect size and has every reason to be tempted to kill people who are close and close to Sonny. If General Hospital went further than making her a hook-wielding killer, we’d never be able to play out the epic family reunion shown below.

Who will be left behind? Esme and her return is only a matter; I’m sure it is. It would be logical for her to take on Ava and then pursue Joss (as the killer appeared to be doing in the case of Brando, who ended up in the wrong spot at the wrong moment). Esme could also be eager to cause harm to Sonny, who was all “godfathers” to Spencer’s nephew. Reckless ex. However, would she want to take on the mobster and kill the mobster’s… attorney? You wouldn’t think so.

The Most Unlikely Suspect

We’re now a”dun-dun” dunno -” Rory. The reason he’s at war with people within Sonny’s circle We can’t even imagine. However, he’s the perfect body type, and in reality, we don’t know anything about him aside from an assumption that he’s extremely sweet with Trina. He may be the daughter of another woman like Karen Wexler, whom Sonny did drugs on and enticed during his time working in a strip club. He may be the child of a criminal rival who had a don outfitted in cement footwear. Beats us.

It’s a shame to lose Rory since he’s to Trina, an option to Spencer. If Rory is an infamous psycho killer, he’s delightfully simple. Spencer could be delightful, but he’s not a simple guy!

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