Orphan (2009) Finale explained – What happens to Leena’s character at the conclusion?

Orphan Plot Analysis

Do you think there is something wrong with Esther? Esther changed what was considered beautiful but as grotesque and ugly as possible. Let’s discover Esther’s horrifying real-life story.

The tension between a couple of marriages, Kate and John, grows more intense after they adopt the Russian orphan Esther and she is not normal. Believing that Esther is not an average person, Kate tries to shield her family and discover the disturbing past of the girl who is nine years old.

Why did Kate and John take on Esther?

Why did Kate and John take on Esther?

The couple is devastated after the child’s stillbirth. They’ve had a complicated relationship because of Kate’s addiction to alcohol. They are, however, working hard to make love a part of their union. Kate believes that new addition to the family could make families come together.

They visit an orphanage in the town, and Esther gets their notice.

What happens when Esther is a part of the family?

Kate, John, their baby daughter Max and their daughter, Max, are happy to have Esther in their family. However, the son of their family, Daniel, isn’t ready to accept Esther as his sister.

In time, the real motive behind Esther’s calm and composed exterior comes to the fore. In the meantime, Kate notices every bit of it. After having been seen having sex with John, Kate goes to Esther to discuss the matter. Kate is stunned when she hears the 9-year-old discuss sexual activity like an adult. Then it becomes apparent that the girl is an explosive temper.

Although she can control her hostile behavior before members of her family’s upper echelons, Esther unleashes her true self with Max and Daniel. The pigeon she killed was brutally murdered and injured a classmate during the play. The kids were terrified, and Kate was distraught.

Esther’s hostility escalates.

The director of the Orphanage, Sister Abigail, is concerned about Kate’s safety and the presence of Esther within it. She informs the couple that there is nothing normal regarding Esther and that tragedies have always occurred when there’s Esther while pointing out that although Esther has not been found guilty, she was at the scene of the incident almost every time. She also suggests that Esther could have played some role in the death of her family’s last adoption.

Disappointed by Abigail’s sister Abigail, Esther kills her while heading to the orphanage. She also forces Max to help her conceal the body.

She takes her sights on Kate. After one of Esther’s horrific actions, Kate gets angry and holds her in her arms. Then, Esther breaks her arm and blames it on Kate.

It’s now one-on-one. Esther would like to take Kate from her path by making her feel resentful about the rehab. Also, Kate is bent on finding out the truth about Esther.

Kate quickly discovers that the orphanage that Esther claims to come from isn’t there; instead, she’s from a mental facility, Saarne Institute.

What’s Leena’s fate?

When Max tells Daniel about the murders of sister Abigail He decides to go to the treehouse to find clues. Before he can find anything, Esther sets fire to the treehouse. Even though Max can save her brother’s life, he sustains severe injuries and is transported to the hospital. She even says she smothers Daniel to death while he’s in ICU. Angry, Kate slaps Esther.

In the following days, Esther is sent back to her home, where she tries to get her to John. While in the hospital, Kate discovers through Dr. Varava of the Saarne Institute that Esther’s real name is Leena, a 33-year-old dangerous escapee – at a minimum, accountable for the murder of seven people. The ligature signifies Freaked Out; Kate rushes home.

When John rejects his sexual advances by Leena, She loses the fight and ends up killing him. Then she goes after Max, who is by himself. Leena is attempting to kill Kate and fires on Max. Kate and Leena’s fight extends to the depths of the ocean, where Kate kicks Leena’s face, leading her to sink into the pond.

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