Our extremely supportive parents, our greatest strength: Principal, JKPS Kunjwani

Principal JKPS KunjwaniRajesh Rathore and the Class Teachers Grade IX organized a meeting for Grade IX parents and briefed them on the Institution’s vision and mission.

He initiated his presentation, reflecting on the slide “Sowing Skills: Shaping India”. He encouraged parents to encourage their children to learn new skills. Time flies & the school stay of children reaches its culmination point. Hence, it’s the collective responsibility of the institution, teachers and parents to ensure that every child acquires the requisite set of skills: whether it be the writing skills, oratorical skills, presentation skills, mathematical/scientific skills, life skills, music/dance/ sports skills, inter-personal, intra-personal skills, critical/creative/problem solving/decision making skills etc.

He also encouraged parents to reflect on how to spend quality time together with their children. He encouraged parents to have regular dialogues with their wards, quoting a variety of anecdotes. “If you justify your engagements today, your children will justify their engagements later on. Your wards will be more efficient if you are willing to spare your time, even if they have to face all the challenges of life today.

While we may be fine men today, when the wheel of Time turns completely, then we become dependent upon ourChildren, then the investment in time today will be our greatest strength tomorrow”, he added.

“Counselling and motivation can do wonders. Your ward will be motivated by regular doses motivation. They will try their best to get the proud remarks from their parents and teachers. It’s the duty of every parent and teacher to develop the art of appreciation with the passage of time.

It’s important to recognize children for their small achievements. Students can hear inspiring words for days. We can all wish ourIf we want students to become worthy citizens and have a sense of appreciation, then it is our responsibility to lead them. our personal example & become their role model”, he further added.

One tight BEAR HUG in the morning, spanning over one minute, keeping eyes closed and feeling the heart- The beat of the child will definitely pave the way for a very strong emotional bonding with the child”, thus the Principal JKPSHis pearls and wisdom enrich the lives of parents.

One of the parents raised the issue: what’s your plan to motivate children for acquiring a strong academic base for making them clear the competitive exam later? The principal replied that students are being encouraged to excel academically because admission to any professional college is contingent on a high score in the Entrance exam. He encouraged parents to consider the career choices and aptitude of their children. If a child shows a strong inclination toward an unconventional career choice and yearns to become a wildlife photographer/social activist/ sport person/ choreographer/entrepreneur/food journalist etc, then they must encourage and empower them wards. You never know what the child might do.

The meeting ended in a happy mood and the parents agreed to support the Institution while accompanying their wards on their educational journey. “Supportive & conscious parents are the greatestStrength of ourInstitution, while you go through the most challenging.

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