Parler Closes $16M in Series B Funding

Parler IT didn’t disclose the backers. The company has raised $56 million in funds so far and is planning to utilize the funds to increase its operations and expand its reach to business. Alongside the financing company is announcing its acquisition of Irvine, California-based private cloud provider Dynascale Inc. It provides businesses worldwide with hybrid and private cloud solutions and customized managed services to provide alternatives to Big Tech providers.

Directed by CEO George Farmer, Parler is also declaring that it is restructuring to become Parlement Technologies, Inc. and will be operating an array of technologies and platforms to support our future in free speech. This includes the social media application for free speech, Parler, and technology platforms, including Web3, as well as secure cloud solutions, such as the names of DeepRedSky as well as Dynascale Inc. Dynascale, provides enterprises with hybrid and private cloud solutions as well as disaster recovery colocation, managed network services, customized managed services and free transition support while providing 24/7/365 live support to all customers.

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