People’s Hut Foundation distributed Clothes, Blankets and other necessary items at Kusht Ashram Jammu

Food, clothes, and shelter are the basic needs of every person. Many people in our country live in poverty. and Underprivileged and They don’t have enough clothing. They rarely get enough food, so clothing is a necessity. and Shelter is still their dream, even though they can’t afford it. Today People’s Hut Foundation distributed Clothes, Blankets, and other necessary items at Kusht Ashram Jammu.

Time to Time People’s Hut Foundation has taken a step forward, looking into the current situation of underprivileged people who hardly get a day’s meal for their survival under their “Feed the Hungry Program”. The organization has been arranging to distribute the clothes and food to the underprivileged people and Their children who live in rural areas are theirs and Orphanages, slum areas, and orphanages in Jammu City, and other nearby areas

The People’s Hut FoundationConsiders it a human right to have all the basic necessities of life. and hence one should not suffer because of a lack of food or clothes. The People’s Hut FoundationIt is believed that each human is sacred and hence should not go through severe suffering, just because they cannot afford food and clothing for themselves and Their families.

The organization distributes not  Food, and Not only clothes but blankets as well Individuals can wear woolen clothes. The Food and  Clothes distribution is done through the organization of camps or the visit of our volunteers to their respective places.

Ritu Koul, the Director, makes an appeal to the general public. and COO of the Foundation said, “We require donations to ensure a comfortable life for the poor. Our team is working every day and night reaching out to those in need through basic needs such as Food and Clothes.

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