Poster for Curtain Call: Ha-neul and the Ha Ji-won Dazzle with a warm Azure Background

A brand new K-drama Curtain Callstarring Kang Ha-neul and Ji-won, will be launching in October. The poster for the series is from KBS Drama and showcases the two leads with a smile and a dazzling blue background. The series will also star Go Doo-shim, Jung Ji-soo, Noh Sang-Hyun, and many more.

The show is subtitled The Trees die on Their Feet. The show was written by Jo Sung-geol and produced by Yoon Sang-ho. The show will air on KBS2.

Its official synopsis is as follows:

“TREES are dead on their feet” is about an elderly woman from the north of Korea who doesn’t have much time to live, and is a stage actor who plays the role of her GRANDSON to fulfil her final wish.

The girl was born in the year 1930. In North Korea, Ja Geun-soon fled to South Korea during the war, eventually separating her from her parents. In South Korea, she founds a hotel chain called Hotel Nakhon. The main reason behind this was to offer an optimistic vision to those around her, similar to the lighthouse.

The pace of her life increases every time Yoo Jae-heon is invited to be her grandchild. Geum-soon’s last wish was to watch her grandson Moon sing before she passed away, even if only in her hotel waiting room once. Ha Ji-won, on the contrary, is Geum-soon’s granddaughter, played by Park Se-Yeon. She also serves as the general manager of her hotel.

The film transports us to the dark, fantasy-based reality of the warring era and the trauma that afflicts people who were there for the rest of their lives. Losing a family member can play adverse effects on one’s memory as well. This tale will take us into the same area and will explore the effects of war and how families attempt to do their best to conquer it.

Ha, Ji-won has returned to the Korean drama world after a lengthy absence, and fans are happy to have waited for her return. Visit KBS Drama’s KBS Drama Instagram profile to see more news.

Check out the Poster for Curtain Call

Check out Curtain Call, the Curtain Call Trailer

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