Punisher’s Ultimate Villain Echoes Fans’ Criticisms Of Frank

Many people were critical of Punisher’s powers now that he is with the Hand. Ares, the God of War, will most likely agree.

Many fans were disappointed when the Punisher showed super powers in his new series. It turns out that the villain he is currently facing feels the same way.

Frank Castle has been experiencing some crazy times recently. He was attacked at his apartment by the Hand, a ninja assassin group. He quickly became the leader of the organization. After they brought back his wife, he was convinced to join them. The Hand has been his army, which he uses to exact his punishment. The Hand’s god granted the Punisher a certain degree of superpowers because of his role as a religious leader within the organization.

Punisher #6 by Jason Aaron & Jesus Saiz shows Punisher against his old god. This is, of course, the god of war, Ares. Castle is disappointed to have pledged allegiance to the Hand’s god instead. Ares’ troops overpower Frank Castle during the fighting. The Punisher uses his new superpowers to escape from the situation. Ares disapproved of this display of ability, believing that the Punisher shouldn’t have such power.

Punisher's Ultimate Villain Echoes Fans' Criticisms Of Frank

Ares’ comments might be a comfort to Punisher fans who were unhappy about how he gained these powers. These fans find the Punisher’s uniqueness to be a part of Marvel’s superhero community, but he is very much his person. He has always been against villains and mobsters who use technology-based gimmicks rather than having any superhuman abilities. This is the Punisher’s wheelhouse, and he’s now stepping out by joining the Hand.

The beginning of the fight with Ares is classic Punisher-style as he uses weapon after weapon to try and deal damage. It doesn’t affect Ares, as he is a god. Punisher is forced to use his new superpowers to win this battle. The Punisher felt at home in wars in the past. This is why Ares loves him so much. However, the wars he fought were not a war with soldiers. These weren’t huge-scale superhero battles. It makes sense that Ares would be frustrated with this development since the Punisher moved away from Ares’ domain.

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