Reasons for Bad behavior of generation towards others

Reasons for Bad behavior: Studies suggest that student spend more time watching telivision than they did in the past and take up less on doing active or creative things everyday . Why do you think it is the Issue? What student can use measures and methods to tackle it?

The world has alternate a lot since the last industrialization happened. Lifestyle, preferences, and eating habits have not remained the same. Even the kids known for making mess and noise around the house are found perched quietly on the couches in front of celluloid screens.

Children have abandoned the practice of playing indoor and outdoor games due to the change in their interests. Earlier, they used to play some sports or indulge in any other physical exercise, but in the past few decades, they have found TV as their new source of recreation. This shift has happened due to the drastic advancement in the entertainment industry.

Technologies like VFX, Animation, etcetera have revolutionized the TV viewing experience of young ones. The funny cartoon shows and really like action sequencing aided by sophisticated technology does not let children go away. Therefore, they are always glued to TV screens.

This novel trend could have draconian implications on the physical as well as mental cognition of the youngsters. Parents should promptly step up to amend their ward’s routine, with restricted hours of TV watching and more time allocated to physical activities like sports or art and craft.

They can bring them more toys and take them to open grounds where they can be familiar with the pleasure they can get by playing outdoor sports with their age mates. Such practices would shed their fruits one day or another.

Hence, it can be said that the main reason kids are engrossed in television shows is their presentation, which has deviated them from real-world games. Nevertheless, it should be corrected by the interventions of parents.

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