Recap and review of Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 9 “Going Rogue”

In episode 9 of Bad Sisters, the Garvey sisters are waiting in anticipation of John Paul’s passing. After that, John Paul rings at Eva’s doorstep.

Becka instantly panics and runs to check on Minna. However, JP is also planning to investigate his mother. He beats Becka inside and discovers Minna trapped in the freezer dead. He holds 

Her, and laughs. Becka calls at the door of the house and is asked by John Paul if she can see Minna. John Paul tells her to leave, as his mother is asleep.

JP then places Minna in bed and washes her off. He then calls the police to inform them they found his mother dead. He claims he believes she passed away while asleep.

Then, Grace spreads the news about Minna’s demise. She believes in what John Paul told her: that Minna died in peace.

The other sisters think that she perished  in the fridge. It’s understandable for John Paul wouldn’t want the police to search his freezer.

Eva and Becka know they must have the image of George’s decomposing body in case they want to use it in the future. They escape from Minna’s home and then to the basement. When they look in on the fridge, George gone-and JP can catch them leaving the basement. They come up with an excuse for Becka to search for equipment for massage. However, John Paul doesn’t look like he will buy the equipment.

Becka, broken by the things she’s done to Minna and her family, escapes. The next night, John Paul throws a suitcase into the stream behind Minna’s home. Then, he throws glass eyes like those that George choked on into the creek following it. It appears that the man is removing the body of his father.

Today, Matt goes to see Becka. He accuses her of having been in the Marina that night that JP almost drowned. He shows her the check she had and accuses her of being an insincere hypocrite. This is what causes Becka to cry. Minna was her best friend, and she insisted. And she is missing her. Matt apologizes as they share a kiss.

In the meantime, Tom confesses to his wife that he could get in trouble for concealing embezzlement. At the memorial for Minna, Roger notices a cross planted in John Paul’s backyard. The cross has an inscription of “Oscar” written on it, which is the dog’s name and that of the presumed child talking to Roger on the internet. Then, Roger puts together the truth. He is aware of precisely what John Paul did.

JP continues to work extremely difficult for Eva to undermine her, creating the impression that she is an alcoholic who is raging. At last, she packs her things and heads off. John Paul follows her and says he’s got, Becka. He’s aware Becka was there with Minna and also knows her location in the Marina.

Eva believes more than ever they’ll need to complete the task this weekend in a cabin where they’ll be celebrating Grace’s birthday. Bibi isn’t keen. However, Eva advises Ursula to buy the proper medications in the meantime.

The present-day Tom’s wife can get up and goes through her work files with Tom. She discovers Becka’s address. However, she collapses because she’s not supposed to get out of bed. Tom discovers her and brings his daughter to the hospital. There, he finds out that he might lose her and the infant.

Matt promises that he will manage the investigation at this point. He visits an establishment to confirm that JP was there when he passed away. The bartender doesn’t recall the day. However, she certainly did see Becka there. Tom and Matt are now aware that they are lying. They weren’t in the same room that morning John Paul died.

When Grace, as well as JP, are in the cabin, celebrating her birthday, Roger visits. He informs JP that he believes he’s Oscar and asks him to explain why the incident occurred. He thought they were buddies. John Paul isn’t sympathetic. He says to Roger they’ve never been friends.

John Paul lies to Grace and claims that it was a stranger who knocked at the door. However, Grace can see Roger by the glass while they walk away.

The other sisters gather for dinner. However, Eva does not show. Bibi thinks she will do something to JP and not tell them. After the evening meal, Becka drinks at the bar to drink. Ursula sets out to meet Ben for a last night of fun. When Ursula awakes, Ben is gone.

The next day, all the Garvey sisters appear at the house. The police are also there. Grace is the first to go out to greet them. “John Paul is dead,” she informs Eva. She is crying. “He’s dead.”

the Episode Review

The evil witch is dead, and it’s possible that the Garvey sisters didn’t need to move one finger. There are a variety of possibilities for John Paul’s demise. Grace is the only one present in the room with John Paul. Roger arrives by surprise and is a suspect, considering JP has tarnished his reputation. Eva was not at the dinner with the sisters. Of course, Ben might want to murder John Paul to remain with Ursula. But what if JP be the one to blame for his demise?

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