Renzushah emphasises the revival of Holy Hazratbal’s Green Azmat e Akhdar Gumband at an international event in International DPS Zakura Hazratbal

Hazratbal Srinagar While speaking at the international level event of Kalaripayattu Martial Art ,Khwaja Farooq Renzushah, chairman of Kashmir Society International & Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya Intl., emphasised the need for communal harmony in Kashmir, which is possible only when the thousands of years old composite culture is restored .

He appreciated the high contribution of Sunil Sharma, Central Ministerial Status, distinguished chief guest Mr. Syed Athar, Mohammad Showkat Chowdhry ,Bilal Parray,Tariq Ghani ,Arshid Mir, Baber Chowdhry ,Administrators of IDPS, and Affifa Green Land for such a successful event, the first of its kind in Martial Art events in Kashmir. He stated that Kashmir has been the original source of martial arts since the time of Hazrat Bulbulshah.

Requested through Centre Minister status personalities and Galaxies of High Profiles to play a role in correcting the Hazratbal structure’s colour selection blunder.

Renzushah, who delivered the keynote address at International Delhi Public School, was joined by Syed Amir Athar, Commissioner SMC, Bilal Parray, Mohammad Showkat Chowdhry, Tariq Ghani, Babar Chowdhry, and Arshad Aziz.

In his lecture, Khwaja Renzushah emphasized, in the presence of thousands of youth, educational personalities of Martial Art function, the importance of Revival of Green Tomb back to Holy Hazratbal Dargah by removing Communist defended White Egg shaped contrary to the Doctrine of Hayat Green Azmat e Akhdar, Entire Kashmir and all Five Unity of Five Fiqa want the Green used f

Renzushah appreciated the suggestion of Mr. Sunil Sharma about cluster groups to promote sports,scouts and martial arts activities in Kashmir . He also requested that the distinguished praesidium of the event discuss with higher decision makers that if new generation youth are to believe the credibility of democratic institutions in Kashmir, which have been destroyed and exploited over the last 70 years, the time has come to implement a digital voting system in Kashmir.

He said the democratic rights of youth can be protected through secured online democratic use of their rights, which can’t be exploited through an atmosphere of terror . He said we need to make our youth the pride of the entire country, which is the largest democracy in the world.

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