RKVST Raises $7.5M in Series A Funding

RKVST is a Cambridge, UK-based company that offers an application platform that facilitates the digital operations of supply chains and has raised $7.5M as Series A capital.

The backers include Ridgeline, Acadia Woods, Cyber Mentor Fund, and Long Run Capital. Ryan Clinton, General Partner at Ridgeline and Acadia Woods, joins Kevin Compton, co-founder at Radar Partners, and Nick Sturiale on the platform board of directors.

The company plans to use the funds to speed up go-to-market plans, help developers use the RKVST API to bring accountability and transparency to the supply chain process, expand the ecosystem of partners, and speed up the development of features.

Directed by Rusty Cumpston, Chief Executive Officer, RKVST enables organizations to create verifiable digital supply chains that track actions-related data without the time-consuming and uncertainty of manual confirmation. The RKVST platform lets supply chain partners collect and share proof of the data and assets they manage and ensure they are secure. Based distributed ledger technology can easily be integrated with the existing software and zero-trust security systems, providing lower risk and costs, enabling users to move more quickly, and increasing the resiliency of business processes.

RKVST can now create authentic digital supply chains that allow growing customers to trace, track and trace and communicate the source of corporate assets that help ensure more reliable operations and accountable decision-making.

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