Look At-Rob Liefeld’s Prophet Adaptation Brings in 300 Writers for Script Rewrite

The forthcoming superhero film Prophet has been adapted by the creator of the comic, Rob Liefeld, who has brought in the author of 300 to help with revisions to the script.

Prophet, the forthcoming Jake Gyllenhaal movie inspired by Rob Liefeld’s Image Comics character, is creating a slight shake-up within the creative department. The film is tapping the services of a new screenwriter.

Kurt Johnstad, well-known for his film work, including 300 and Atomic Blonde, has been hired to write the most recent draft of the Prophet script, according to THR. His version of the hand will replace the original draft written by Marc Guggenheim. The film is directed by Sam Hargrave ( Extraction). The film will star Jake Gyllenhaal as the titular super-soldier. Johnstad is a frequent collaborator to the director Zack Snyder, for whom he wrote the ambitious sci-fi space-set film Rebel Moon, which is currently being made.

Prophet’s Long Road to Production

Although Prophet has been developing since 2020, Liefeld shared updates about the film earlier in the year and discussed the script and more. He stated, “I am super excited, I don’t want to jinx it, but it is a big deal. Marc Guggenheim, his draft got us, Sam Hargrave got us, Jake Gyllenhaal. That’s how good the paper is.” He also shared how Gyllenhaal’s schedule for filming and Hargrave’s other films kept the film in the shadows for two years.

But, Liefeld is “excited” to start filming. He added, “So we’re extremely excited. In the business of movies, you hope that your important contributors stay on board, and as of today, Jake is fully engaged, giving notes, taking meetings, and shaping the movie. Sam is in his free time away from Extraction 2 and has continued to shape it.”

The comic that is a hit with readers tells the story of John Prophet, a homeless man in World War II. He volunteers to participate in medical experiments that Dr Horatio Wells conducts. Wells is a future-travelling scientist who uses DNA-enhancing methods to transform Prophet into a super soldier.

When Wells initially creates Prophet with evil inclinations, he experiences an epiphany and changes his program to a person with firm faith in God. The major powers of the character include the ability to overcome all odds and endurance, stamina and speed.

Liefeld also made characters such as Deadpool/Wade Wilson in the company of Marvel Comics back in 1991. The screenplay will be based on Prophet’s adventures that began at the time of the Youngblood. The character first appeared in two issues of Image Comics super-team title, an early-stage comic for the company that he did the writing and drawing immediately after leaving Marvel. The character was later created to become Prophet, an independent book of his own this decade.

Gyllenhaal, as well as Liefeld are both scheduled to serve as a producer on Prophet. The project is being produced in this role by Jeff Rubinov of Studio 8 and Prime Universe Films’ Adrian Askarieh and other producers.

There isn’t yet an official release date for Prophet at this time.

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