School Drama cast: Who Are The Students At Korean Drama School? Korean drama School?

School Drama Cast: school 2021 can be described as a South Korean TV drama directed by Kim Min-Tae. The School 2021 Drama Cast includes Kim Yohan, Cho Yi-Hyun Choo Young-woo, and Hwang Bo-reum-bye.

The drama broadcast on KBS2 began on November 24, 2021, and concluded on January 13, 2022. To find out more details regarding the school 2021 drama, The cast, crew, and story, take a look at the article

School 2021

Kim Yohan, Cho Yi-Hyun Choo Young-woo, and Hwang Bo-reum byeol are the star cast in the South Korean television series School 2021 that Kim Min-Tae conceived. The School franchise is available on KBS2 and includes episode 8. The 18 youngsters on the show choose their path rather than take examinations for admission.

The display shows their growing stage of aspirations, camaraderie, and enthusiasm as they explore the blurred boundaries. From November 24, 2021, KBS2 is broadcast daily on Wednesdays and Fridays through January 13, 2022.

School 2021 Drama Cast

Kim Yo-hanGong Ki-joon
Cho Yi-hyunJin Ji-won
Choo Young-wooJung Young-joo
Hwang Bo-reum-byeolKang Seo-young
Jeon Seok-hoLee Kang-hoon
Kim Kang-minJi Ho-sung
Seo Hee-sunGo Eun-bi
Yoon Yi-reLee Jae-hee
Lee Sang-joonLee Jae-hyuk
Lee Ha-eunJung Min-seo
Kim Nu-rimJong-bok
Kim Jin-gonHong Min-ki
Park Ga-ryulJo Tae-ri
Jung Ye-seoLee Hyo-joo
Kim Cha-yoonKim Myung-a
Cha Joo-wanTaekang Choi
Kim Kyu-seonSong Chae-rin
Lee Ji-haGoo Mi-hee
Kim Min-sangLee Han-soo
Park Geun-rokShin Chul-min
Shin Cheol-jinOh Jang-seok
Go Eun-minKim Young-na
Im Jae-geunYeo three-yeol
Park In-hwanGong Young-soo
Kim Soo-jinJo Young-mi
Jo Seung-yeonJin Deok-gyu
Kim Ye-jiJin Jin-soo
Seo Jae-wooChul-Joo Jeong
Jo RyeonKim Seon-ja

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Principal Cast School 2021 at School

Kim Yo-han as Gong-Ki-Joon

 Kim Yo-han is a Korean actor and singer. The country of South Korea is a member of the boy group Wei and also competed in Produce X 101 under the boy group X1. On August 25, 2020, he debuted the song in digital format, “No More,” which was his debut as a solo artist. He was also the first actor to appear in A Love So Beautiful.

Cho Yi-hyun, Jin Ji-won as Jin Yi-hyun

 South Korean actress Cho Yi-Hyun began acting in the year 2017. Despite being under the exclusive rights to JYP Entertainment since 2018, she transferred her contract to Artist Company in 2019. Her most well-known roles include her roles in All of Us Are Dead as well as School 2021 as well as Hospital Playlist.

Choo Young-woo as Jung Young-Joo

 Actor Choo Young-woo was born in South Korea and made his acting debut on the web-based series. The show You Made Me Dance is about boys in love (2021).

Hwang Bo-reum-byeol as Kang Seo-young

 Actor Choo Young-woo hailed born in South Korea and made his first appearance as an actor in the web-based series. The show You Made Me Dance is about boys in love (2021).

A Brief Overview Of The School For 2021

DramaSchool 2021
DirectorKim Min-tae
Main starsKim Yo-hanCho Yi-hyunChoo Young-wooHwang Bo-reum-byeol
Country of originSouth Korea
Duration70 minutes
Date of releaseNovember 24 2017, 2017 – January 13 2022

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