Shamim Bano Shanno becomes in-charge of Srinagar Shri Amarnath Ji’s Yatra

RSS leader honored Shamim Bano Shanno

Shri Raju Chandel, National General Secretary of Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra Welfare Society, while praising Shamim Bano Shanno, said that she has been working for Hindu-Muslim unity for years and is the pride of Jammu and Kashmir.

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He said that Shamim Bano Shanno is a true patriot and working for Hindu-Muslim unity; while progressing, he was appointed as the in-charge of Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra Welfare Society, before that Smt. Been working since Shri Chandel said that the way Shiva devotees from all corners of the country visit Baba Bhole Amarnath continuously and day and night, Shamim Bano Shanno has been arranging for their food.

That’s why I feel pleased to have Shamim Bano Shanno in charge of Srinagar, and I hope he will do a great job understanding the dignity of his post. Shri Chandel said that to make the Shri Amarnath Ji yatra better this time, Shamim Bano people, seeing the work of keeping the langar arrangement in Delhi, he was given the best of langar arrangements by the RSS leader Shri Rajendra Ji to conduct the Amarnath yatra in Delhi. also honored.

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