“Sister Wives”: Kody Struggles With ‘Regret & Frustration’ During Split with Christine

Kody Brown admitted that he was having a “funk” amid his struggles regarding Christine Brown on the Oct. 9 episode of the show ‘Sister Wives.’

Within two weeks of when Christine Brown told her fellow wives that she had decided to leave Kody Brown, The entire family gathered in a group to commemorate Ysabel Brown’s graduation in October. 9. episode on Sister Wives. Despite the many struggles within the family, it was all in a position to enjoy the event. But Kody acknowledged that he was still thinking about the issue on his mind while trying to attend to his daughter. “My life seems to be in flux because Christine is leaving, and I don’t know what it means,” he said. “I have been caught in the angry period of divorce and have not addressed it properly.”

After having to kick Kody out of her home, Christine decided that she was planning to relocate to Utah together with her daughter, Truly, within a couple of minutes. Kody did not handle the situation well. “I am unable to get out from this cloud of sadness, and that’s because of the nature of a breakup”, Kody explained. “I don’t know what this breakup will bring. It’s hard to predict what will happen.”

Alongside his problems in his relationship with Christine, Kody was also distant from his other children because of the COVID-19 epidemic (the episode was shot on June 20, 2021). “I’m not in a high position with everyone,” Kody admitted. “I’m not trying to anger or blame them for this moment. I don’t believe I’ve been treated with the respect I deserve. I’m here and am feeling down. It’s loneliness coupled with bitterness towards my entire family.”

Kody was thrilled to see how smoothly things took place at Ysabel’s Graduation Party; however, at the end of the day, it brought him to the realization that the family won’t be able to enjoy the same experience again after Christine is gone. “I’m trapped in a fantasy world where I pray Christine wouldn’t quit,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that Ysabel would attend the school here so that we could keep an almost-family connection. I’m struggling with feelings of sadness and regret. It’s an odd thing to be leaving. It’s caused me to question the plural marriage system, my faith, and my religion. The message we gave the world about functional polygamy’s benefits is now so unsound.”

In the meantime, some of Kody and Christine’s younger children reacted to their breakup and said they didn’t feel upset over the split. “If you’re honest, I knew it was coming,” Ysabel shared. “Of obviously, I’m upset about it, but sometimes it does not work out. I’m glad that my mom is in a position to find someone she is delighted with.”¬†Mykelti Brown¬†said, “I was relieved when I learned that my mom had left my dad. They’re not thrilled. They’re not happy.”

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