So Far, Andor is a lot different from Rogue One (and that’s a good thing)

Andor isn’t as different compared to Rogue One as Rogue One is distinct from the rest of the Star Wars franchise. However, that’s better for the show and the film.

Rogue One was starkly different from the other Star Wars series, and the prequel series, Andor, is a different story from Rogue One. Rogue One tells the story of Jyn Erso she is one of the daughters of Death Star architect Galen Erso. She joins forces with Rebel Captain Cassian Andor and a motley group of gang members to steal the blueprints to build the Death Star using her father’s experience. This is the story’s beginning, Star Wars: A New Hope.

Andor is a lot different from Rogue

Andor starts five years before Rogue One, with a lost Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) who isn’t yet a member of The Rebel Alliance. In flashbacks, Andortells how Cassian, a.k.a. Kassa, was rescued from the world of Kenari from his mother’s adoptive, Maarva, before the time that the Empire destroyed all Kenari people. At the age of 18, Cassian has a longing to locate his biological sister.

Although Rogue One is, in a way, the most basic war film from Star WarsAndoris the more personal story of an asylum seeker; there were fight scenes. However, there are no actual combat scenes. Rogue One featured Darth Vader and numerous references to the Force; however, there’s no reference to Jedi, Sith, or the Force in Andor. It could have been simple to create Andor exactly like the commercially popular and critically acclaimed Rogue One, focusing on Cassian working in an organization called the Rebel Alliance, but Disney took a wise decision by taking the opposite direction.

Why it’s important Andor is it different from rogue One (While Set Up)

Andoris is firmly in the rebellion, but to a lesser extent than Rogue One. Cassian is fighting against the Empire, stealing an Imperial Starpath Unit, but he does not have any official training or backup. The beginning of Andorthis at the beginning of Cassian’s rebel story will help build his character’s development during Rogue One. This allows him to develop in all five seasons The Andorseasons one and two will span, leading naturally to Rogue One without reversing the storyline.

In the story of andor, Cassian is in the position of someone who wishes to do more to assist those in need But isn’t sure what to do. This contrasts with his character as character in Rogue One, in which he’s a seasoned rebel and more shrewd. Andor will reveal the evolution of his character and the development of the Rebel Alliance in the five years prior to its destruction of it by the Death Star.

In a sense, Andorwas able to create Cassian from nothing, focusing not on the person he was on the show in Rogue One, however, but the person he was prior to that. Star Wars hasn’t had the ability to do the same thing as other live-action series with well-known characters like HTML1: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett or Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Further more, the tale of a refugee — even in an alien world far, far away — is always relevant to our world. Andortells the story about a minor character in the epic story that is Star Wars; however, it’s a significant story. If Andor tried to recreate Rogue One‘s success, It’s likely that it would be a failure. However, Andor acts has a story of its own but still works in conjunction with its predecessor.

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