Spy x Family Season One New Opening Releases

Spy x Family made its debut in the spring of this year, and it’ll not be a stretch to say it was a huge success. When season one went out to viewers, the world became enthralled by Spy x Family. Forger Family. For one, Anya and her parents are a different kind of family, And the clan’s cryptic identities just made the show even more interesting. Naturally, that means everyone’s eyes are focused on Spy x Family ahead of its return in October and the first season just revealed its brand new trailer for the return.

The video you can see above was posted only recently on YouTube. Too Animation released the anime’s second episode before its official premiere on the 1st of October. As we can tell, the first opening is just as stunning, just like the premiere.

The gentle opening track is accompanied by music by Bump of Chicken. The track “Souvenir” already has the potential to be an immediate success. The track plays in an assortment of scenes featuring all the characters of the band members, from Yor up to Desmond as well as Loid. Some newcomers are featured in the same way, including a cute dog. It appears that some of the new employees from WISE are set to make their debuts as Spy x Family returns.

If you’re not fully engrossed in the series right now, there are a couple more weeks to catch up. Spy x Family season one will be back on the 1st of October and will be telecast on Crunchyroll. For those who want more information about the slice-of-life show, check out the official synopsis here:

“Master of the spy game” Twilight is the best in his ability to go undercover for dangerous missions for the benefit of humanity. However, when he gets the ultimate task of getting married and having a baby, he may end up in his head! A man who doesn’t rely on anyone else, Twilight has his work to complete in acquiring the right wife and child to gain access to a prestigious private school. He isn’t aware that the woman he’s selected is an assassin and that the kid he’s chosen is a telepath!”

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