Sunil Dimple led a strong protest for the regularization, and enhancement of CPW workers, education department cook, land donors

Sunil Dimple president of mission statehood led a solid protest to send a loud message to the LG Manoj sinaha who is chairing the meeting tomorrow,  for the regularization of CPW workers, education department cook, land donors and Anganwadi workers.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple demands to LG Manoj Sinaha, implement a minimum wedges act, for the contingent paid workers, Govt schools cooks, land donors, chowki dars, safai karmacharies, Anganwadi workers and the daily wagers.

Dimple also said the Govt schools cooks who are thousands in numbers; CPW contingent paid workers have received no salary for the last many years.

He said the same is the case with the land donors. The govt took the lands twenty years ago, promised to give them jobs, and the cost of the land. But they got no job & no land costs since for the last twenty years.

He said similar to the Finance accounts assistants Rehbrey Khel teachers, NYC,  sehat, all daily wagers, Anganwadi workers are also leading miserable lives, without their regularization and pay and no justice is given to them.

The prominent presidents from all the districts joined the protest are Sunita Devi, Jatoona Begaum, Jana Begam, Bachno Devi, Baby, Rehmat Ali, Javed Ahmad Kumar, Mohmad Shafi, Taqir Ahmad, khan, Ali Mohmad, Suraj Parkash, Pritam Lal and many others.

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