Swami Vinay Muni Ji holds Satsang at Dhatreyal

Speaking at a religious function in Dhatreyal, Swami Vinay Muni Ji said, “Satsang is believed to dissolve any sense of separation, allowing the inter-connectivity of all beings in the universe to become more apparent.” It is believed that in the company of those who are committed to bringing out the best in one another, an extraordinary awakening can occur.

Satsang can also be practiced alone by cultivating truth within one’s inner self. Satsang may also include reading or listening to spiritual teachings, before reflecting on their meaning and assimilating them into daily life. In a broader sense, Satsang can also include the guidance of the inner voice awakened as the potential of the higher self is realized.

Satsang helps to remove the negative thoughts, material attachments, and mental obstacles that block this path. As such, Satsang helps to keep people engaged in spiritually-centered thoughts and to maintain focus on their spiritual path, added Swami Ji.

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