Take a Look at: ‘House of the Dragon’: House Strong explained

House of the Dragon: House Strong was first mentioned in Game of Thrones as one of the houses which claimed Harrenhal Castle, located in the Riverlands, and eventually bled out. There’s a reason for this apparent curse -the biggest castle of the 7 Kingdoms has a track history of houses that have vanished from its halls before they fell to their end. House of the Dragon expands on the particular family by absorbing its bloodline of First Men, turning an accidental namedrop into a powerful factor during the events that led to Dance of Dragons, Westeros, and the beginning of the civil war.

The Strong House bore a sigil that featured pale blue, red, green, and streaks that extended from an arm on the coat of arms, which is black with white background. Although we have a clear idea of the fate to befall the House because of the events, there is plenty to be noted about the family, bringing to mind the dangers Westeros can be, particularly for the houses in The Red Keep.

Episode 6, “The The Princess and Queen,” sees much of the Strong’s destiny come to fruition and finally establishes who was that caused the death of Lord of Harrenhal and his heir in the sense that George R. R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood doesn’t specifically mention the identity of the arsonist.

Early Strongs

There were several notable Strongs before the period that was Viserys I’s ( Paddy Considine) reign. Osmund Strong served as the Hand of King Aegon I’s rule. The Hand of the King Strong was also responsible for overseeing the building of the Wall that was built within King’s Landing. Lucamore Strong was appointed to Kingsguard in the name of Jaehaerys Targaryen ( Michael Carter). He violated his vows, however, and had 16 children. The result was that the man was castrated and assigned to the Night’s Watch at the Wall. Bywin Strong, his brother Bywin Strong was named Lord of Harrenhal The Strongs were placed on the throne of the cursed property.

Lyonel Strong

Take a Look at: 'House of the Dragon': House Strong explained

Lyonel Strong ( Gavin Spokes) begins the House of the Dragonas Viserys” Master of Laws, who sits on his council. The father is Harwin ( Ryan Corr) and Larys ( Matthew Needham); however, it is hard to tell from his appearance. When Viserys takes Otto Hightower ( Rhys Ifans) as the Hand to the King, Lyonel assumes his position and can take his place as one of the more important positions in the kingdom. Before he was even a Hand, Viserys valued Lyonel’s “unencumbered opinion,” even if he was not always able to follow his suggestions. However, Lyonel knew the truth about the health of King Viserys and was a genuine fan of Viserys.

Following Harwin’s attack by Criston Cole ( Fabien Frankel), Lyonel becomes incredibly unhappy about the perceived shame he caused the family by having Rhaenyra’s ( Emma D’Arcy) children. He decides to take Harwin returning to his for bidden Harrenhal to allow his son to take on his duties as the heir. However, he’d suffer the fate of a fire, as the castle burned just like it did in Aegon’s conquest. However, this time, it will be the fault of his son.

Harwin Strong

Take a Look at: 'House of the Dragon': House Strong explained

Harwin Strong also referred to as ‘Breakbones,’ was an officer and knight of the City Watch of King’s Landing and eventually became Commanding Officer. As the firstborn son of Lyonel, He was also the successor to Harrenhal. He doesn’t have a significant presence in the initial half of Season 1 but is a subdued part of the show, increasing the importance of Rhaenyra’s life.

He appears in the big hunting expedition in episode 3, in which Daemon ( Matt Smith) takes the Princess to the town; he doesn’t even give the Princess the benefit of the doubt when she comes across him. The actor also dances with her at her wedding and protects her during the time the chaos ensues when Criston Cole ( Fabien Frankel) beats Joffrey Lonmouth ( Solly McLeod) to death.

Harwin is believed to be the mother of Rhaenyra’s original three children, Jacaerys ( Leo Hart), Lucerys ( Harvey Sadler), and Joffrey. The last time we’ve seen Harwin before the 10-year leap is when he’s helping Rhaenyra during the wedding ceremony. So House of the Dragon‘s decision to only utilize Harwin in small, brief bursts until the time of his demise is deliberate. Harwin isn’t Rhaenyra’s love; however, he’s still a loyal family member and confidant she can consider his children her husband’s. He’s a member of her family.

It’s also quite evident that Harwin has the title of father. However, those willing to do something about it tend to remain silent, except for Criston Cole. He was pushed through the Queen’s ( Olivia Cooke) remarks and his bitterness about Rhaenyra’s rejection ten years ago. If he taunts Harwin and not just smacks him but also uses Alicent and Rhaenyra’s kids, Harwin is a tyrant Cole and is kicked out of Harwin’s City Watch.

Lyonel determines that Harwin should be allowed to return to Harrenhal, which seals their fate. Lars arranges for the castle to be put ablaze when they arrive, killing Lyonel and Harwin in the firing process. This takes away Larys in the position of Lord Harrenhal to take over Lyonel and Harwin’s place.

Larys Strong

Take a Look at: 'House of the Dragon': House Strong explained

Larys Strong Lyonel’s 2nd-born son is the brother of Harwin. The boy was born club-footed, which caused him to walk using the aid of a cane. But he makes the most of his disability by using stereotypes about him to gain information or influence others, such as Queen Alicent. She is adept at provoking her into a battle with Rhaenyra and Rhaenyra, in which Alicent is later informed that she was lying (on the grave of her mothers grave), which drives an ax between the two to the point that could impact the entire kingdom.

Larys continues to use Alicent even after a decade in a relationship with Alicent to kill his brother and father. In addition, he becomes Harrenhal’s Lord Harrenhal after his parents’ deaths and acquires blackmail from Alicent. If you’re searching for a Littlefinger in this show, we’ve found the character in Larys. The character will eventually be on Alicent’s side during the family conflict; however, what percentage of that will be Alicent’s or Larys”? How long will his loyalty to her?

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