The Empress – Season 1, Episode 6 Review, Ending & Recap

The God Who Is Has Sent Freedom To Us

Elisabeth opens up about the intoxicating lifestyle of luxury and excess she led to her father during episode 6. She is now accepting her role as baby producer at the palace.

We see her partying and merrymaking in a montage. She struggles to walk back to her room, stumbling down the stairs like a drunk. Franz is the only one in his family who has had breakfast. It seems that their relationship is strained. In an altered state, Elisabeth walks to the table and receives a note from her father. Franz can understand her anger over the incident at the foundry.

The foreign minister informs Max that the forces have infiltrated the Tsar. Their time to strike is rapidly slipping away. The rebel men will confine Franz to the palace as part of the coup. Franz assigns Elisabeth the task of taming a wild pony. Amalia admits that she has evidence to prove Leontine isn’t who she claims she is, but the Empress rejects her claims. The Empress won’t accept her likeness to the countess.

Leontine informs Egon about the plan. After sunset, the doors to the east aren’t guarded. She will place a knife there for him. Although she reaffirms her resolve to kill the royal family, it is just a ruse for Egon. Louise may be able secure loans for Franz, but she wants “something in exchange.”

Sophie asks Franz for Elisabeth’s return. Her actions are not worthy of her title. Sophie warns Franz to do the right thing, or she will have her intervention. Elisabeth was even forbidden from leaving the palace courtyard by her. Elisabeth, Sophie, and their children sit in the church together. Elisabeth answers Sophie’s question about the most important virtue of a ruler. Sophie tells Sophie about Anna, her little girl who died from a mysterious illness.

She cares deeply about her family’s survival. Elisabeth has two options: go back to Bayern to annul Franz’s wedding or stay and follow their rules. She will remain in the northern quarters, away from Franz and Esterhazy.

Esterhazy is also attracted to Sophie’s ruthlessness. She may not be up for the challenge and has failed Sophie. Elisabeth is shocked that Franz agreed to the new arrangement, but the Emperor didn’t agree with her.

Max and Elisabeth share a moment. He comforts her, telling her that he will always be there for her. But the former has her wit to keep the two in check. Max had already spoken with Sophie about the possibility of a change, but she was not forthcoming. She isn’t ignorant of the idea. Max approaches Franz directly, but the elder brother mocks him. Franz claims that Max isn’t prepared to take on the responsibility of the throne he will be carrying alone. Franz declares that the throne belongs to him, but Max insists that he has all of his support, even Franz. Max punches him and begs him to leave.

Leontine comforts Elisabeth. She reveals that she is not well. She is, in fact, with a child. Amalia’s spy reveals to her some very important information. Photos that prove Leontine isn’t who she claims she is, and she is, in fact, a nursemaid, are photos that Amalia can use to confirm this. She rushes to Sophie, but the archduchess has already left. Amalia leaves.

Franz and Elisabeth get into a fight. After that, the Empress decides that she will return to Bayern. She is unable to bear the responsibility of Empress. Kempen says that there are 300 people at the gates. Franz requests him to raise the gate guard and asks him for the order to shoot any person who dares move a muscle.

Egon disguises himself as a soldier to enter the palace. Franz’s plan succeeds despite Max’s ambitions. Max requests the foreign minister to keep the information to himself and not to reveal it to anyone until he has attempted to convince Sophie. She immediately shoots him down. She calls him weak, and she even admits Franz may not fit the role of ruler. She has created something too valuable to lose. Sophie bids Elisabeth farewell. Theo asks Franz boldly to reconsider his decision to send Sophie away and gives him Puck’s hair.

Elisabeth is seated in the carriage, and the whip’s lash causes the carriage to thrust forward. Leontine watches in silence as Egon searches for the knife. Egon is attacked by royal guards armed with guns. Before being shot, he shouted “revolution.” Leontine betrayed Egon. Elsa warns Leontine that Leontine’s time in the palace is dwindling fast. She will be executed if she ventures outside. Leontine receives the photos from Charlotte. Amalia rushes to her aid and, in a fit of rage, she pushes her off the railing. Charlotte is there to witness it.

Kempen stops Elisabeth at the gates. After noticing a crying baby, we all ran towards the gates. Elisabeth marches towards the gate. She confronts the people and asks the guards for permission to open the gate. She walks amongst them as if she were one of them and the heads bow in shock.

Franz orders Theo to apprehend Max. In a gesture of royal defiance, Elisabeth tells people she is with a child. She shook hands with them and hugged them. One final glance at the camera shows her faltering and feeling empowered by the irony and conflict.

The Empress Season 1, Episode 6 Review

The first season’s finale was a charming and exciting one. The makers did a great job in the final, despite not wanting to alter the established storytelling tone. It was disappointing that the revolution was ended so subduedly. It wouldn’t have been possible to do the trick with more investment. The makers chose not to put too much emphasis on it. It was, in the end, okay. Elisabeth’s borderline madness and eccentricity manifest in a heart-pumping moment when, without guards, she decides to join the ranks of the commoners.

For those unfamiliar with European history from the 19th century, it could have ended in any direction. Elisabeth’s final approval was a major victory and something she will use to defend herself against Sophie and the naysayers in season 2. The Leontine-Amalia rivalry was ended in a distasteful manner. The viewers would have loved to see Hanna Hilsdorf in more episodes. She was a great actress in the first season. Leontine is now in control of the story if it continues.

Her closeness to Elisabeth was likely a sign that she would survive. Franz’s victory over Max’s devious devilry was a proud and satisfying moment. This validates his vision of the Empire, and we will hopefully see more of it in the second season.

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