The Golden Spoon Episode 4: Release date, Preview & Streaming guide

The Korean drama The Golden Spoon can be found here. The story centers on Lee Seung-Cheon, a young, poor Korean-born boy who meets a wealthy friend through a golden spoon. He becomes an acquired gold spoon. Decision-making is the central theme of this Korean drama.

It is common to think about what we would do with a particular superpower. Seung Cheon, the main character in this series, has the opportunity to experience the fantasy. A magical spoon gives Seung Cheon superhuman abilities. Song Hyun Wook’s film The Golden Spoon gives us a different perspective.

It doesn’t mean that the grass on the other side is better, even though it may seem so. Yook Sung Jae portrays Lee Seung Cheon as a young child from a low-income family. Lee Seung Cheon has an unlikely friend who is fortunate from birth. Seung Cheon discovers that the object with a golden spoon has special powers which allow him to swap lives with his closest friends.

He is a close friend and family man, but he decides to trade places with his best friend. This leads to a profound realization that he hadn’t had before the changeover.

Recap of the Previous Episodes

Recap of the Previous Episodes

Seung Cheon met his best friend Tae Yong in the last episode of the Korean drama series Seung Cheon. The spoon was used to get them to each other’s homes. They have now lived in separate places and exchanged their lives. After that, they can feel the strange air moving around them as if it is living again. Seung Cheon finds a new feature on the spoon.

He notices that the scoop has a “30” engraved on it. This brings back the older woman who said he had only three chances to make a difference in his life. He will initially be sentenced to 30 days, followed by one year and ten years. He starts to enjoy his new identity as Tae Yong. He has noticed a change in the manner he interacts with others. This is his chance to exact revenge upon the bullies that bullied him in the past.

Tae Yong has a hard time adjusting to his new memories. But he does make an effort. He begins to love his parents and feels more at home with Seung Cheon. The next episode will explore Tae Yong’s adjustment to his new life. The previous episode revealed that Lee Seungcheon was born on the same day as Hwang Taeyong. Taeyong is unsure about his memories as Seungcheon wants to take over President Hwang’s company. Seungcheon, on the other hand, must decide if Seungcheon would use the golden spoon again to return to his family.

The Golden Spoon Episode 4, Release Date

MBC Kdrama The Golden Spoon Episode 4 is set to air on Saturday, October 1, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. The actual time will vary depending on where you live and your time zone. Below are the approximate release times for the show based on different time zones.

Central Time: 7:50AM (October 1)

British Time: 1:50 PM (October 1)

Eastern Time: 8:50 AM, October 1.

Pacific Time: 5:50 AM (October 1)

Philippine Time: 8:50 PM (October 1)

The Golden Spoon Episode 4 Streaming Guide

The Golden Spoon can be viewed on Disney+ Hotstar and Disney+. Disney+ is affordable and only $1.99 per month. You will need to pay Rs. 299 per month for Disney+ Hotstar. 299 per month or Rs. 1499 annually. Hotstar can also be accessed for Rs. 499 annually. All subscriptions include HD streaming. There are 16 episodes of The Golden Spoon planned. Two episodes air each week. There are 12 more episodes to be made after this episode airs. Episode 4 will be approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes long, similar to the rest of the show.

The Golden Spoon Episode 4 Cast

Yook Seung Jae plays Lee Seung Chun. Lee Jong Won portrays Hwang Tae Yong. Jung Chae Yun shows Na Joo Hee. Yun Woo portrays Oh Yeo Jin.

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