The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 5 Episode 5 “Fairytale” Recap & Review

Episode 5 in The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 5 begins when June receives an urgent call late at night. It’s Lily. A guardian has come through with vital details. Therefore, Moira and Luke are with her as they set off together. The border patrols have been tightened, and the friendly has been left within the No-Man’s Land.

In the end, Luke decides to go himself to discover more about Hannah. June can join Luke. Moira isn’t, as they still need someone to take care of Nichole. There’s no name given to the person they’re talking to since it’s risky. However, they’re heading to Gilead after a code word and instructions. Naturally, this triggers painful memories of the moment Hannah was taken from their arms years ago. But June is still pressing on precisely the same.

While this is happening, Serena takes advantage of the Wheelers’ warm welcome awkwardly. The Wheelers have another excellent breakfast that they serve to Serena. Serena plans to open an additional centre since she’s determined not to allow “rules to hinder the work by God.”

Warren and Joseph each call Serena as well, with the former dissatisfied with her negative press after closing the centre. Serena has a few thoughts about the issue and believes focusing on Gilead is incorrect. It is better to focus on the baby and fertility instead. Warren is not content and finally hangs up with her. Warren doesn’t want Gilead accessible to the world. Lawrence will quickly inform her that the nation is likely to die if they do not open their doors at least once.

June and Luke finally meet. However, he encourages them to follow his lead. June and Luke are naturally cautious, but they follow the same. He takes the two to a closed bowling alley and hands them a USB filled with the information they require. They’ve found footage of Hannah in the USB, but the details aren’t as straightforward. The person there advises them to delay until sunset before heading back to the border since there’s no way to be safe now. Luke agrees, and the couple decides to stay for some time and play and take a bowl.

Aunt Lydia appears at the Wheeler residence; the gates are locked, and Serena will not leave. In any case, she’s got several Handmaids that she must go through. The realisation of how little power she has and how Canada affects her view of the world and outlook is becoming apparent to her. The commanders have agreed to proceed with the fertility clinic… However, Serena is essentially under house arrest (in an indirect way) and has been told to stay in the home. Also, she has no cell phone either.

In the meantime, Luke and June start to return to the woods, but their Gilead contact slips on the landmine, and the leg is blown away. They decide to attempt to bandage the wound to help out. However, lightning flashes across the sky when the man starts screaming and shouting out through the woods. He begs the group to leave, and they follow. But, they’re stopped by the highway and are taken.

The episode could have been twenty minutes in length. There’s not much to this episode other than June and Luke travelling to their meeting and eventually being captured and Serena finding out she’s in Gilead and is without power. Even though the episode runs 15 minutes shorter than the original, the story is incredibly drawn out.

It’s also been the mainstay of this entire series, with several chapters for the story. It could be hilarious if somebody posted a montage of all the intense close-ups of June’s face over five seasons! I hope this is an isolated incident and that the remainder of the season will return to normal.

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