The poetry stage at Central University of Jammu left the audience mesmerized

Under the aegis of the Department of Hindi and Other Indian Languages, Central University of Jammu,
the Poetry Seminar ‘Kavya-Kalash’ was successfully organized on 14 th September 2022. Professor Rasal
Singh, Head of the Hindi Department, and Convenor of Poetry Seminar said, “That organizing this
Poetry-Seminar is to create sublime values of poetic consciousness within the students and researchers
of the department.”

The important achievement of this poetry seminar has been to combine aesthetic and emotional
impulsivity with the reality of the moment. On this occasion, Prof. Rasal Singh welcomed all the invited

Poets like Vijay Kumar Swarnkar, Pramod Sharma ‘Asar’, Arvind Asar, Ashok Anjum, and Harshvardhan
Arya and poets like Madhuri Swarnkar, Bharti Sharma, Madhu Mohil, and Madhu Madhuman also
recited wonderful poetry.

The poets and poets invited to the program won the hearts of the audience with their songs and poems. Listening to his poems, all the listeners were mesmerized. The poetic seminar was successfully conducted and the vote of thanks was done by Assistant Acharya Dr. Vinay Kumar Shukla. All the teachers, researchers, and students of the department including Dr. Vandana Sharma, Dr. Arvind Yadav, and Dr. Ratnesh Yadav were involved in the Poetry-Seminar.

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