The Resident Season 6 Episode 3 “One Bullet” Recap & Review

Leela assists Padma in preparing to have her C-section scheduled for the beginning of the sixth season of The Resident Season 6, but Padma is obsessed with “the awful things that could happen at any point.” I am with Padma was through many emotions when she almost lost her pregnancy. It’s terrifying to feel you have no control, particularly when preparing to bring baby life to the world.

The Padma is asking Leela to assure her that if anything happens to her, she’ll take charge of the twins.

At the moment, Conrad and Cade are finishing up a Go Team call when they hear shots. They rushed to help and found a man sitting on the street with a bleeding gunshot injury to the abdomen. They rushed him into Chastain after being taken to Yates University hospital, the closest ER.

Yates University hospital doesn’t want to admit the GSW patient because he’s not insured, and “it will cost a fortune to save the patient. Conrad Conrad clearly shows the harm a single bullet could cause. Conrad informs Cade, “One bullet can need 100 healthcare professionals to repair the damage it does.” The movie goes to a timetable which begins the countdown of the number of healthcare professionals working on this patient.

In the hospital, The doctor. Sullivan is getting ready for what appears to be an intense day. He is advised that he needs to take a test for drugs. All doctors and nurses on duty must pass an obligatory drug test. Cade inquires Conrad whether he is the person that suggested to Kitty that they conduct a hospital-wide drug test. Kitty feels Conrad did not believe her. However, Conrad insists they should not allow a doctor who has been a victim of addiction to perform surgery on patients. He says he did not tell Kitty any details, just offered a suggestion.

The Padma arrives at the hospital and is still worried about what might occur. AJ and her doctor attempt to soothe her and assure her that all will be fine. He panics and begins taking Oxaprozin to make a convincing excuse. He passes a positive drug test and reveals to Kitty that he’s taken back pain medications. Kitty requests him to quit taking the oxaprozin and be tested again within one week.

Cade and Conrad meet their patient and immediately begin medical interventions. They rush to stabilize him before getting into the OR. The entire process, from getting him in the car until they were able to stabilize the patient enough to go to the OR, required 14 healthcare workers. Conrad updates Kitty on the patient’s condition, discussing the burden GSWs take on a public hospital’s budget.

After the first surgery, The patient received treatment from 35 health care professionals. He will likely require another operation to eliminate the bullet lodged in his lower thoracic spinal spine. There is a 50 per cent possibility that he’ll be disabled if they do not remove the site. The kidneys are also damaged and must be on dialysis round.

He’ll also require live-time monitoring, so a nurse and an ophthalmologist will need to be present with him and monitor him. Kitty isn’t thrilled with this since they are short of nurses, but they must do their best to keep him alive. It brings the total to 43 health professionals currently caring for the man.

The GSW condition worsens as the internal bleeding of the patient gets out of control, and AJ and Leela have to quit the Padma and attend to patients like the GSW patient. At the end of the episode, the GSW patient was a burden to the hospital for nearly half a million dollars, and 100 health professionals have worked tirelessly to ensure his survival.

The GSW case causes excessive paperwork in the OR because doctors are forced to delay or even cancel surgeries. Padma’s procedure is delayed, which makes her feel more anxious. Other patients also feel the ripple effect when more procedures are delayed or removed.

Padma’s condition while waiting for the OR to open is getting worse. She’s suffering from an abruption that requires urgent surgery. They will promptly cancel another procedure and take them there to see her in the OR. The babies are born well. However, Padma is bleeding heavily, and they’re running bleeding out of blood.

Leela is required to leave her surgical facility, and Billie will take her place while the two rush for the Padma. Leela is determined to stay serene and keep her cool and Padma. It was a close call, but she could stop bleeding before the Padma was coded.

The Episode Review

This show tried to highlight the effect gun violence can have on hospitals in the public sector. Most public hospitals are not adequately staffed and operate on a tight budget. A single bullet can cause a lot of chaos, and everyone suffers the ripple effects. It is a subject that isn’t discussed enough; The show has done a fantastic job of highlighting the effects of shootings in hospitals.

The Padma has a long road to recovery ahead of her. However, I’m hoping she’ll be ok. It was an amazing and emotional moment to see AJ, as well as his two sons, for the very first time.

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