The She-Hulk’s Tatiana Maslany Breaks Down Jen’s “Justified” Rage in Episode 8’s Finale

In the eight episodes that have aired so up to now, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has created its unique stakes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe while focusing Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) on an unusual story of her origin.

The show has dealt with Jen’s insecurities about being a superhero, as well as her everyday life as a prominent lawyer and a single woman -and – in a variety of genuinely surprising ways that have culminated into an emotional arc in the show’s latest episode. The episode spoilers for Episode 8 of She-Hulk Attorney at Law “Ribbit as well as Rip it” are below! You should only look if you’d like to be aware!

The show ended with Jen and the rest of her friends and family attending a local event, in which Jen will be honoured with an award for female Lawyer of the Year award. In the ceremony at which Jen is awarded the prize, Jen is publicly humiliated by the sexist group known as the Intelligencia, who starts to broadcast her phone and even an intimate recording of herself and Josh (Trevor Salter) before the audience.

Jen (understandably) is angrier due to the threat that her Hulk powers quickly cause chaos and eventually lead the way to Damage Control showing up. The show’s final scene features Jen looking at the camera and breaking through the fourth wall once more as she acknowledges the intense emotions she’s experiencing.

In an interview on, the She-Hulk team and the She-Hulk cast talked about the storyline, which culminated at that point and ended with Maslany saying that Jen’s response is “massively justifiable.”

“Initially she’s confident in her ability to handle the transformation into She-Hulk because she’s spent the majority of her life avoiding fear or anger and so the transition to She-Hulk is easy,” Maslany explained. “It does not have a lot of violence in it. It doesn’t contain a lot of violence. It’s clean because that’s how she come to terms with the emotions she experiences.”

“I have always tried to convince everyone of us that the reason she’s so angry, is incredibly justifiable,” Maslany continued. “It’s solely due to the external perception of her anger, and the way it appears on the surface that it appears atrocious. Of of course she’d want to take on this man who publicly insulted her. Of course.”

Maslany spoke about the emotions behind the storyline and how it was juxtaposed with the “highly humorous, goofy” episodes in a captivating way.

“To believe that you can influence how people see you, I think this is true,” Maslany continued. “Jen believes she is able to have control over this situation, but it’s completely out of her reach. I was aware that the story was being told by weaving tale with a lot of humor and comedy moments that would lead to something very emotional and poignant and also political , and everything.”

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