The trailer for ‘Trigun Stampede’ reveals Release Window and New Faces

We can expect to re-enter the Trigun Universe in the early part of next year.

Ready, Steady, Roll! Studio Orange and TOHO Animation have released the second trailer for their upcoming anime series Trigun Stampede, along with a new key art poster. This CG-animated prequel will be based on the manga and anime series. In January 2023, Vash the Stampede’s new story will begin.

The trailer was uploaded to TOHO Animation’s YouTube channel. It is the latest glimpse at Studio Orange’s amazing 3D CGI animation. Studio Orange is responsible for the highly-acclaimed Beastars series. Vash asks an unidentified person if they’ve ever heard of Knives Millions, his younger brother.

The trailer then shows Vash meeting up again with some familiar faces. We see the return of Meryl Stryfe ( Sakura Andou), who is trying to get the scoop on The Human Typhoon’s escapades alongside Roberto De Niro (a veteran reporter voiced by Kenji Miatsuda).

Fans can be excited about Meryl’s return with a new look, but Milly, her former partner, is not. As Roberto and Meryl meet Vash, the trailer also shows that Roberto and Meryl have fun in Gunsmoke’s deserts. However, we also see Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a cross-bearing gunman ( Yoshimasa).

This trailer is the second for the upcoming series. The first was released in July at the Trigun panel at Anime Expo. Since then, many pieces of concept art have been released by the TrigunTwitter site to give fans a glimpse of the style and look of the new series.

However, this trailer marks the first time we’ve seen the series in motion since the initial reveal. Kenji Muto is the director of Trigun Stampede. A previously announced cast joins Hosoya, Matsuda and Andou in the trailer. Junya Ikeda will play Knives Millions and Yumiri Hanamori will play Young Knives. Maaya Sakamoto will play Rem Saverem.

Trigunwas originally a manga by Yasuhiro Nachtow and was first published in April 1995. After a hiatus of two years in January 1997, the series was relaunched in October 1997. It is now called MaximumMaximumran from 2007 to 2007. The manga’s story is about No Man’s Land in the 32nd Century. It also follows Vash, the Stampede, a legendary pacifist gunman. Trigun received an anime adaptation that ran 26 episodes in 1998.

It would then receive an adaptation of the anime called Trigun Badlands Rumble was out in 2010. Trigun Stampede will be the first anime production for the franchise since 2010. Crunchyroll will be the series from Japan in over 200 countries. Details of the new series are still unknown. Trigun Stampede will be out in January 2023. Below is the updated art and trailer for the anime series.

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