The Untrue Prince Who Was Promised in House of the Dragon Episode 9

House of the Dragon Episode 9 Preview begins with the most ominous word of the series, “The King’s gone.” The first episode of the newest episode, titled ‘The Lord of Tides’, lasts an hour and eight minutes. The episode was followed by six years. In the wake of the Driftmark, the succession becoming crucial, Rhaenyra attempts to strike an agreement with Rhaenys.

Geeta Vasant Patel produces the show. The script was composed by Ellen Shim. The episode was shown Corlys could be fatally injured. There’s no way to tell if Corlys will survive. There’s the question of who will be the next person to assume the Driftmark throne. Ser Vaemond Velaryon is himself in the position to take over the throne.

However, when his request to the King’s Landing is entirely in his favour, he will surely be a victim of his sword. In a desperate move to win, he steps right into the middle of the controversial issue of Rhaenyra’s kids and their father to confront Lucerys. But the truth he tells him is enough to get his head slain by prince Daemon.

Another important event in the show, including a crucial moment in the episode, is Last Supper, its Viserys final standing. He urges his family members to join one another, and for a short time, we believe all will be well until Viserys leaves the room. We see for a brief moment the older Alicent and Rhaenyra reconciling and bonding while the little youngsters play again.

On his deathbed, Viserys talks about the Song of Ice and Fire and the dream of Aegon believing he’s speaking to Rhaenyra. But it’s Alicent, and she chooses words such as “Aegon” along with “prince that was said to be promised” as well as “prophecy” and doesn’t comprehend the whole context that runs into it.

Since she was never able to hear that Song because she was not his heir.

In the trailer, we can see that the Hightowers interpret it as the King’s final wish and begin to design things that will not go well with the other Targaryens. We hear the master saying, “This is a seizure! It’s treason, at a minimum!” This might also result in tensions within the Hightower family since Aemond is stronger than Aegon to be seated on the throne.

The preview concludes with Rhaenys Targaryen asking a person, “Have you never imagined yourself sitting on the Iron Throne?” As the throne sits on a cushion, it remains in place without an owner.

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House of the Dragon is available on HBO at 6 pm in the PT time zone and on HBO Max at 9:00 pm ET each Sunday. It also streams via Disney+ Hotstar for Indian viewers. It is available at 6:30 am IST each Monday.

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