Thor’s Hulk Powers Have Made Him Unworthy (and he admits That)

Thor is contemplating his most recent appearance in a combination, where he transformed into the Hulk and confessing that he is aware that his transformation was not worthy of him.

Marvel’s Thor looks back on the latest fatal battle with Hulk when he took on the form of his monster powered by gamma. He believes that he behaved as if he was not worthy. In the latest preview of Thor #27 of Marvel Comics, Asgard’s king is sitting on his throne, admitting that using the powers of Hulk caused him to be corrupted like never before. Even after Odin’s assurance, Thor cannot help but feel that he has fallen short of his home city.

Thor's Hulk Powers Have Made Him Unworthy (and he admits That)

In the Banner of War crossover event of Marvel Comics, Thor and Hulk engaged in a battle of power and strength. In the event, God of Thunder looked to find his nemesis, the Jade Giant, for a deadly incident in Midgard that resulted in the loss of numerous innocent lives. But if Thor and Hulk engaged in combat, they were transformed. Thor transformed into the Gamma-powered Hulk, and Hulk took on Mjolnir and was able to be worthy. Thor’s combined appearance caused serious harm to the Mjolnir-wielding Hulk, and the battle concluded with both heroes returning to their regular appearances. After examination, Thor realizes he might have caused damage more than good.

In a new look at Thor issue 27, written by Al Ewing, Donny Cates, Salvador Larocca, and Edgar Delgado from Marvel Comics, Thor returns to Asgard and sits on his throne. He counts the price of his latest battle with the Hulk and his transformation into a combination of forms. Thor is believed to be disoriented and corrupted while in the Hulk form, revealing that the things he committed were “unworthy of a king.” Thor cries over his throne while he lists his deeds, sins and the price to Asgard under his reign. Odin is trying to pull himself out of his depression; however, Thor is convinced that he has done enormous damage in the form of the Hulk.

Thor’s Actions As Hulk In His Combination Form and Hurt Asgard

Whatever assurances Odin provides Thor regarding his new form and the harm the god caused to Asgard, it’s impossible to deny that Thor’s God Thor’s change did not create a significant amount of destruction for his home. Between removing Thor’s World Tree (which was eventually returned) and breaking the Bifrost, Thor’s fury and new abilities will, at the very minimum, make the people of Asgard ask themselves if the new All-Father will be able to defend them when he can’t defend himself. Thor indeed remains worthy of Mjolnir However, Thor’s actions in the role of Hulk were not worthy of his title.

In all honesty, regardless of the transformation into Thor’s deadly Hulk hybrid form, Thor needs to be able to move on and forget the past behind his back. He was not in control over himself like the Hulk or his powers gamma. Sure, he may feel unworthy of what he did, but to win back the confidence of the people in Asgard, Thor will need to prove that he is worthy as king and lead all his subjects to the highest of his ability. Thor #27 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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