V Rising? You can temporarily get it free-to-play with Halloween-themed DLC

V Rising, a vampire survival game by Stunlock Studios, was released early in May this year. The indie gem sold over 500,000 copies in three days and more than a million within a week.

SteamDB reports that although the initial excitement for V Rising has waned, thousands of players still play it each day. While vampire life was not for everyone who bought the game initially, it’s clear that some people are still captivated by its vampiric charm.

V Rising is free if you have yet to try it out. V Rising will be free to play on steam starting October 28 and ending November 1. V Rising is a massive open-world RPG that allows you to build your empire.

Stunlock Studios also released a significant update to V Rising. This update addresses the usual bugs but will also add the Mad Hunt preset. The details of the patch notes can be viewed via Stunlock’s blog post.

The Mad Hunt preset alters the server settings and eventually randomizes V Blood locations, V Blood spell unlocks, and V Blood technologies throughout the map. Stunlock has set limits to ensure players can acquire all technologies simultaneously.

Last but not least, players of V Rising can get a free Halloween-themed DLC package called the Haunted Knights castle Pack. This pack is available from October 24 to November 7, so there’s plenty of time to complete every quest and obtain every item.

You’ll find many items to help you decorate your castle for Halloween. After completing the journal quests, you can grab the following items:

  • Haunted Nights Wall Decor (2x Wallpapers).
  • Haunted Nights Gourd lanterns
  • Haunted Nights Stain Glass Window
  • Carpets for Haunted Nights
  • Haunted Nights with Floating Gourd
  • Haunted Nights Standing mirror
  • Haunted Nights Skull Candles
  • Haunted Nights: The Laughing Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Grinning Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Wailing Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights web drapes for pillars, walls, and windows
  • Haunted Nights Coffin
  • Haunted Nights Small Stash

This is it for V Rising’s latest. Here’s to a happy Bloodfeast!

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