Vivek Suri has been named Media Cricket Club’s new captain, with Rahul Khatri as Vice Captain

Vivek Suri, senior journalist at Take1, has been unanimously elected as the new captain of Media Cricket Club Jammu, whereas Rahul Khatri, senior correspondent for The JK Pages, was also elected unanimously as Vice Captain by registered players during an election held at the Press Club here today.

Elections were held for the posts of captain, vice captain, and executive committee of the team in which registered members exercised their vote to elect a new body of the Media Cricket Club.

Aditya Rajput, Correspondent, JK News 7, was the Presiding Officer for the election, who later declared the result in the presence of all the players.

Anil Bhat, Bureau Chief, PTI Jammu, Amit Kumar, Editor in Chief, Ujjwal News, Varun Sharma, Correspondent, The Publish, Naveen Koul, Senior Correspondent, Danik Savera, Abhishek Baru, photojournalist, Young Bytes, were also unanimously elected as executive committee members.

Speaking on the occasion, newly elected captain Vivek Suri said that Media Cricket Club has been playing good cricket at professional level and his priority will be to keep the momentum going on. He also finalised the calendar of events for the coming matches with the team.

Later, with the consent of the newly elected body and team members of Media Cricket Club, Aman was nominated as Team Manager, Sunil Sharma as Team Coach, and Advocate Unique as Legal Advisor of the team.

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