“Werewolf by Night”: When Will We Be able to See the Characters Again?”

There are many options! The new Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Special Werewolf by Night is an excellent example of how it firmly commits to being separate property. There are no unnecessary appearances by other Marvel heroes, and there are no awkward pauses in the narrative to establish plot threads that can be continued in future movies. The credits don’t contain scenes intended to excite fans about future motion pictures. Werewolf By Night is a highly unique entry in the MCU saga. However, it’s doubtful that we will ever see its main characters again.

Elsa Bloodstone ( Laura Donnelly), Jack Russell/Werewolf By Night ( Gel Garcia Bernal), and Ted/Man-Thing are all familiar figures in the Marvel comics mythology. They have been there for many years, sometimes even decades. It’s unlikely they were intended to be one-off characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is especially true since Werewolf-by-night and Man-Thing have been teased as having some presence at a multiverse Avengers Campus ride. We are sure to see these people again… but the question is, where?

It would be easy to make a sequel to Werewolf by Night, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has repeatedly shown that superheroes are not limited to one franchise. After making his debut in Ant-Man: Civil War (2016), Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) made his second Marvel Cinematic Universe movie appearance. Werewolf By Night’s leads may appear in any future Marvel Studios properties. However, the specific properties they might appear varies significantly from one character to the next.

Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone has now taken control of her family’s manor, the precious Bloodstone, and can show empathy for monsters, Werewolf by Night. Although her future is uncertain, she now has the power to change it. Since she has only been in comics since 2001, there aren’t 50+ years’ worth of comic book mythology that can be used to help her figure out Elsa Bloodstone’s next appearance in the MCU.

Some of her comic book adventures could hint at what her live-action version will look like. In the comics, Elsa has teamed up with Thunderbolts. This character could meet these evil characters again with the Thunderbolts movie set for July 2024. In a 2013 issue, Fearless Defenders Valkyrie called on Elsa for help.

So maybe Valkyrie will be paired with Elsa next time she appears. Because the Blade will also focus on Marvellous monsters, Elsa and all Werewolf by Night characters appear like good choices. It doesn’t seem likely that Elsa Bloodstone will return to the pages of Blade now that it has been placed on hold.

Elsa Bloodstone might be paired with the ShangChi, and the Legend of the Ten Rings figures Xu Xialing . Although it might seem like an odd idea to pair the two characters together, they claimed ownership of their families’ estates and empires. The similarities between Xialing’s character and Elsa may be enough to guarantee that she appears in a future Shang Chi adventure, even if only in a supporting role.

Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night

Elsa Bloodstone is only a comic book character, but Werewolf by Night is a staple of Marvel Comics lore. Even the name Werewolf by Night references a 1953 comic by Atlas Comics. This was before Marvel Comics existed. There are many possibilities where Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night might appear next, given his years of experience. This would include the second season of Moon Knight. A pairing makes sense because they share a horror sensibility, and Moon Knight was first introduced in a Werewolf by Nightcomic.

Werewolf by Night may also be able to share the screen with the Merc With a Mouth in Deadpool3. Werewolf by Night’s first MCU appearance showed that he could do incredible carnage. This violence is only possible in a PG-13 setting if it is in black and white. The inevitably R-rated Deadpool movie could be the perfect setting for Werewolf by Night, who is known for his ability to rip people to pieces with colourized storytelling. Due to the zany nature of Deadpool films, introducing a werewolf to this character’s world would be a natural progression.

It is also worth noting that the Darkhold Book has played a more significant role in Russell’s comic-book adventures and that this text was already featured in multiple MCU projects, including being owned by Agatha Harkness ( Kathryn Hahn). In WandaVision.

The Darkhold book could be used by that character in Agatha’s solo show, Coven of Chaos, to incorporate Werewolf by Night into the story organically. The show already features a witch, and a werewolf would be an extension of those spooky and supernatural events.


Ted/Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night’s protagonists, is likely to be the easiest to incorporate into other Marvel Studios properties. It boils down to the fact that Ted/Man-Thing is portrayed using various special effects techniques, including practical ones, and an on-set stand-in rather than a famous actor.

It would not be easy to work around Bernal and Donnelly’s busy schedules to determine when Bloodstone and Russell might appear next. For Ted/Man-Thing, things are much more straightforward. It’s as easy as putting a digital copy of the character in post-production to a Marvel Cinematic Universe project. This ease makes it likely that Ted/Man-Thing will appear in the MCU soonest.

However, any MCU project can include a vast swamp beast. For example, Born Again might not be the right fit. Ted/Man-Thing might be a good fit for other projects. The Blade would be a good choice, as is Thunderbolts and Agatha: Coven of Chaos. However, Ted/Man-Thing may end up factoring in upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe projects that have some connection to Iron Man, such as Ironheart and Armor Wars.

One of the superpowered enemies Tony Stark/Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr.) faced off against in Iron Man3 was Ellen Brandt [ Stephanie Szostak]. She’s portrayed in the film as an enhanced soldier for evil forces. But, in the comics, she is Ted’s wife before he becomes Man-Thing. Although it is strongly implied that she died in Iron Man3, this doesn’t mean that her impact on Marvel Cinematic Universe has ended.

Stark’s connection to Man-Thing, and the fact that they have such an antagonistic dynamic, could mean Stark might become involved in the adventures of his superhuman successors. While it may not be the first place one thinks about when wondering where Ted/Man-Thing will appear next, having him appear in Armor Wars could be an excellent way for one of the early Marvel Cinematic Universe sequels.

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